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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr. Cod Update: Opens Friday(not), Good Eats...

Our friends and blog readers Pete and Lydia went to visit Mr. Cod for a pre-opening taste of the product today and send me this important report:
Hi Dave, Pete and I went to Mr Cod for a free food tasting this afternoon. The food is great!

I told Mike and Beatrice about your blog and that you do food critiques of our local restaurants. He said to invite you and he will be glad to show you around and you and Eva can taste some of their food. Mike is from England and is a franchise owner and Beatrice and Jose Luis Gonzales are the owners of this franchise.

The crew came from the UK to teach the people here how to prepare the food in accordance to the Mr. Cod standards. I have to tell you that the fish and chips are great and the fish tacos outstanding. The fish tacos are a local fare and not sold in England or Pakistan. Hope you get to try them out. There is also parking in the back.

They officially open this Friday.
You can't ask for a better report than that! Thanks, folks.

UPDATE: Apparently, not this Friday!

I'm not sure if we can make it there before the opening, but I am so excited about getting some authentic Bloke Vittles. I'm tempted to watch an hour or two of Benny Hill or bust out my old Culture Club records to get in the mood! Kidding. A little, anyway.

Which reminds me. I don't want to take anything away from the big Mr. Cod opening, but this whole thing got me thinking about when I lived in England in the early/mid 1980's. There was a very popular BBC 1 radio presenter (that's what they call DJ's) named Steve Wright. The guy was simply brilliant. He had this cast of regular characters who would either call in or appeared in studio.

My favorite character was a guy named Mr. Angry from Purley (Purley being the name of a small village somewhere). If you recall the Rosanne Rosanna Dana character by Gilda Radner on SNL in the late 70's, Mr. Angry was sort of like that. He would call into the show and rant and rave about something, and usually, it turned out that he had gotten the who thing wrong. It was quite humorous.

I also loved the very tight running of the board and mixing of music on the show. Even though it was all very funny, it had a tight production quality found on the likes of the Glenn Beck radio show now. In other words, even when you thought everything was total chaos and they show was about to fall apart, Steve Wright was just setting things up for the next bit or routine, and things always would fall into place and on time for the next commercial break.

Anyway, the Mr. Cod thing got me thinking about Steve Wright (not sure why other than the obvious UK connection) and I looked him up on the Google the other day. Turns out, he is back on the air and his podcasts are available for download from BBC2. So, I think in anticipation of some good fish & chips, I'm gonna listen to some Steve Wright and see how he sounds 25 years later.


Anonymous said...

An a "Top of the Pops" to you too!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Enjoy your fish n chips!

Rich said...

Am in serious need of more fish restaurants in SA. Look forward to your review.

Maureen said...

We are so there. Thank God Lent is over. I don't mean any Catholic-bashing. I just hate waiting for a table at a fish place on Friday in San Antonio during Lent. So, glad it's not Lent! Welcome to the 'hood, Mr. and Mrs. Cod....!

Diskussion Das said...

British Humor = Thumbup

Fish and Chips = Thumbup

Win all around!

Anonymous said...

So the samples they will be giving out would be called cod pieces?

Maureen said...

I just went by there to see if I could pick up a menu....there were 2 vehicles in the back, but they didn't look open....or ready. Hmmmmm.....

Dave said...

Yea. We drove by with our neighbors, all of us eager for some fish & chips, and the doors were locked and the place was empty.

I guess they just weren't ready.

We went to Sea Island instead and it was good - just not what I had planned on.

Anon E. Mouse said...

Perhaps they ran out of food so quickly because of the unexpected heavy demand caused by this Blog publicizing their opening?

We went by there in the evening, but the lights were out and nobody was home.

frankvw said...

We also stopped by and were disappointed to see it still closed. Drove over to J Anthony's Seafood Cafe (Lp 410 and Culebra) and tried it out instead. Pretty good food at a reasonable price.

deep forest said...

I too drove over there expecting a fine feast but when I saw the empty parking lot thought "but not tonight". And J. Anthonys ??? Let's not even go down that road..Still patiently waiting...

deep forest said...

Oh Dave...Phil Henrie does the same type of schtick as Steve Wright...he's on today (tues-sat) on 1370 in Austin. Google his name & listen..his characters will crack U up.

Dave said...

Phil Henrie does the same type of schtick as Steve Wright

Oh yea. I love me some Hendrie, but haven't heard him in a while.

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