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Friday, May 29, 2009

Snack Report: Philly Cheese Nachos...

Thursday afternoon, my wife and I had an hour to kill before our flight departed Philadelphia so we thought it prudent to grab some vittles before the making the trip back to San Antonio.We found a sports bar in Terminal E called Chickie's & Pete's which is apparently a well established crab house franchise in the area. Aside from the obnoxious color scheme on the menu (black background with red letters), it was a nice little place to grab a beer and a snack. I addition to a pretty spiffy display of old beer cans, they have lots of photos of the owner (I assume) posing with the various sports stars and local celebrities that spend time getting ready for a flight. Thankfully, they have big labels on each picture identifying members of the Philadelphia Flyers for those of us who don't follow hockey. Either way, if you intend to spend $11 on two beers, it might as well be in a nice place.We considered splitting a cheese steak but thought that might be pushing it, what with several hours of flight ahead. Instead, we opted for the lighter version - an order of cheese steak nachos. Simply brilliant. And no, in case you are wondering, we didn't get two orders, I just took pictures from both sides to help you, the reader better appreciate the awesomeness.

They used the red tortilla chips, lots of those over sized jalapenos that aren't very hot, and those red sweet peppers. Plus, black olives and lots of the drizzled cheese over the whole thing. The side of guacamole was actually pretty tasty.

Got an hour to kill in PHL Terminal E? Give Chickie's & Pete's a try!

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