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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Views of Baltimore...

Not really all of Baltimore or even a lot of it, but these are a few pictures that I have taken around my hotel in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.These are views of the Inner Harbor from the 11th floor of my hotel at night.The ship is called the Constellation.When it gets really cold, you can see steam from below the streets.I'm a total cheapskate. They put one of those mini-bars in my room. Hey, I like a cashew or peanut as much as the next guy, but not for $6.00. I enjoy a cold beer on a hot day, but unless there is some form of entertainment like a rodeo or a concert, I'm not paying $6.00 for a 12 ounce can of Bud. How about a Tonic Water? $4.50; I'll pass.The TV in my room is nice, but apparently it is somehow computer operated. This series of pictures shows what happened when I turned it on for the first time. I better not get charged for any pay-per-view movies or informercials!The homeless folks here are nice. The last time I was here, a guy insisted on providing entertainment in the form of singing and jokes before he would accept any donations. I spotted this mobile-homeless-home just across the street. I can only assume the owner was engaged in a performance.

And this is the ride up to my floor.

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