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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rodeo Grounds Report: CFB

One word sums up our return trip to the SA Stock Show & Rodeo grounds Sunday: Chicken Fried Bacon.

Okay, that is probably three words, but still, it was the single most important thing you need to know. My wife had seen a story on Bob Phillips Hill Country Reporter about people eating CFB, and as unhealthy as it sounds, we just had to try some.
Apparently, so did everyone else. The line was long and people were eager to pay $6.00 for an order of the heart attack in a serving boat.I'm not gonna lie; dipped in a little honey mustard, it was seriously good. This should be a regular breakfast item, everyday. With three or four eggs. And some biscuits. I can feel my arteries blocking themselves, just thinking about it all.

Anyway, that was the highlight. We were in and out of of the grounds in less than two hours. I've told you about the standing in line for free samples and giveaways before and all the shopping and such. Of course, if you weren't around to read about it last year, you can always go here. Or you can read about the actual rodeo and concert here. Or you can read about the Cowboy Breakfast, here. And don't forget the Rodeo BBQ Cook-off, here.

And don't forget the pictures on the Flickr page.


KeithAlanK said...

Leaving in two minutes!!!
CFB here we come!!!

KeithAlanK said...

Judging by your photo, ours was overcooked.
Still good, although cream gravy would have gone a long way.

Dave said...

Judging by your photo, ours was overcooked.
Still good, although cream gravy would have gone a long way.

I guess it is one of those things. I sorta like my bacon cooked crispy, but I can see how you could overcook the CFB. I guess we were lucky enough to have a highly trained chef who knew how to get a happy medium - or some carny familiar with the concept of a fry timer.

Mmmm. Gravy...

Anonymous said...

Eva says :)
Lets just say it was different:). I liked it but I could tell that the oil in the fryer already needed changing.I can atleast say I tried it and move on. Would I try it again yeah probably .I will try anything once. For $6.00 ... probably not .

KeithAlanK said...

We shared it between three people, which made it better in my opinion.
After waiting seemingly forever, the guy was finally handing it to us when the cardboard dish caught on the edge of something and......time.......slowed........down....
as bacon flew in slow motion and hit the filthy ground.
Luckily they had overcooked some extras.
We're going to try making this treat ourselves, although I'm of the opinion that CFSausage patties is a better idea.

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