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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breakfast Report: El Tropiko...

Is it physically possible for us to eat another taco? Well, apparently so. And in fact, this morning, my wife suggested that I forgo a healthy breakfast of blueberry Activia and a banana, and join her at a hole-in-the-wall taco place called El Tropiko on Guilbeau at Tezel.Of course, I had already consumed the aforementioned Activa and banana, so it was purely in the spirit of journalism that I indulged in a second, equally healthy breakfast, just closer to lunch time.The place is small. In fact, my wife thought it was just a drive through taco shack until one of her friends told her they could eat lunch inside. There, she found that you could have a seat and enjoy the food without having to drive with your knee.

Did I mention the place was small? Oh sure, we have dined in tighter spots, so don't let it stop you from giving El Tropiko a try.
My wife ordered up a barbacoa taco on corn with some guacamole, and a bean and chorizo with cheese. She would have preferred home made corn tortilla's, but really, in such a small place, don't count on it. The flour tortillas are made on site, and they are good.I took one for the team and ordered my standard array of tacos in order to gauge things for you, the reader. Country and egg, chorizo and egg, and of course, the ol' stand by, carne guisada with cheese, all on flour.I must report that the country and egg was as good as I have ever had. I have thrown down some C&E in my time, and I was extremely happy with this one.The chorizo was not as good. I submit that every restaurant makes a choice as to who will come through with the big chorizo, and in this case, El Tropiko went with a lesser provider. It was not nasty or anything, but I have had much better.The carne guisada with cheese was very acceptable. The tortillas are cooked the way my wife likes them - sort of crisp, but I'd be happier with a softer, bigger, Tink-a-Taco like version. The meat, gravy and cheese were all good. I'd be happy to order another any day.

Best of all, the price was great. The nearest competitor to El Tropiko is just across Tezel in the form of the new Tink-a-Taco. I'm a fan. But you should know that El Tropiko is cheaper by quite a bit. That probably explained why the drive-thru was jam packed during our entire visit.
By the way, special kudos go out to the owners for great service and friendliness. Aside from me (having never been to the place), they seemed to know every person in the dining room and went out of their way to chat and such. Oh, and you gotta love a place that finds a tortilla with a cross on it, and instead of putting it up for sale on E-Bay, simply frames it and counts their blessings. I would have so called the local news and sold it for fifty bucks.

You won't find that in the bigger taco places. Need some vittles? Give El Tropiko a try the next time you are nearby.

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Lynne said...

I have heard good things about El Tropiko from others, too, especially about the excellent service and friendliness.

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