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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Strange in 78250: Things I saw Yesterday...

I sometimes can't help myself when I see things that catch my eye. I whip out the camera (or in some cases, the camera phone) and proceed to record the object of my fascination for future giggling in private. And on some occasions, like today, I share these little tidbits with you. Of course, they aren't always strange.Like at one garage sale we were at yesterday, I happened to see an old Atari for sale. I suppose I might have inquired as to the price or even if it worked but that might have led to a conversation about Pong or Space Invaders or something beyond my technological ability to discuss. Before I joined the military, I worked a brief stint at K-Mart in Brandon where, after graduating from being the guy in the toy department who had to go around and pick up all the toys that little brats played with while their parents shopped, I moved up the ladder to the Electronics Department. I sold Ataris and some other thing called Intellivision. I guess I just didn't get it. Video games have never been my thing. But if you need an Atari, I can tell you where the garage sale was and you can go see if it is still for sale.We went to another garage sale and in addition to several items For Sale, they had an old GMC Fore Sale. I did not see any golf clubs.While we were at the Pig Stand, I looked out the window and saw this car. Something in the window caught my eye and I just found it to be a little strange. Who keeps a cooking pot on their dashboard? Do you suppose they were trying to boil something in the sun? It was a nice day yesterday, but certainly too chilly to boil an egg. Perhaps they had a leaky windshield and the pan pot was left there as a place to collect any water dripping. Who knows?And on our way home, I drove right by my downtown office and saw this panhandler who I have seen at the same off-ramp of I-35 at McCullough many times during the week. I said to my wife, (considering it was Saturday), "Do you suppose in this economy, even the homeless people have to work overtime?" Strange.

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