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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This weekend flew by...

It felt like I got off work on Friday afternoon, took a nap and find myself checking e-mail Tuesday morning. What a whirlwind weekend. A few highlights:
  • Spurs lost in Utah
  • Spurs won in Utah
    • Utah Fans threw trash at Spurs players
  • Cooked some barracho beans, some shrimp, some sausage, some chicken, some ribs
    • Gained a pound
  • Took my son to go look at a new vehicle
    • He really wanted this truck
    • He will appreciate the mileage and lower car payments of this car

  • Did some shopping at HEB
  • Did some painting around the house
  • Did some electrical work
  • Ignored the Jehova's who rang the doorbell
  • Had a salad and some chili to-go
  • Sold my Son's truck on Craig's List
  • Took $203.00 worth of parts my wife found sitting in the garage back to O'Reilly
    • I guess I hadn't replaced the brakes on my son's truck afterall

  • Let dogs sleep
  • Got up for work and checked e-mail
  • How was your weekend?

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