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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

High Winds Swirling...

I don't want to get all technical like the National Weather Service, but I think we're in for a blustery day!

I got up to let the dogs out and noticed the trees in the back yard swooshing from side to side and felt an immediate gust of air blow into the little dog's face. She ran out into the year to investigate. The cover of my grill had actually lifted up like a parachute waiting for just another gust of wind to pull off the ground and lift the grill forward the same way you see an inexperienced jumper getting dragged across a landing zone. And of all things, my wife's wind mill hand blown completely over on the side. I suppose not staking it down so I could easily move it while mowing was a mistake.

With all the recent tornado activity in the mid-west, I suppose the wildly conflicting tunes of our eight different sets of wind chimes hanging from trees and hooks is a minor irritant that I can live with at 5 in the morning.

Of course, a huge gust of wind blew the back door wide open because Gracie forgot to shut it, and that caused Panda to freak out just a little. I'm sure the neighbor behind me appreciated the wake-up call.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, things were pretty windy here at my house. Tornadic ALmost.

Dave said...


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