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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Like hitting a jackpot...

You just don't know what terrible luck I have when it comes to picking lanes, whether it be as I drive down the road, the register at HEB or most common of my nightmare selections; the drive-Thru teller at the bank. So this morning, it was like hitting the jackpot when I pulled into an overly crowded Security Service Credit Union full of people eager to do a months' worth of banking, and found a lane with one guy deceptively looking like a maintenance guy.

Though I had already aimed my vehicle toward another line, I quickly made a sharp turn and pointed the nose of the van in behind this single truck. As you can see from my award-winning photography skills, the guy in the truck had not yet left his position at the little pedestal which houses the deposit slips. I think this and the ladders on his truck made other would-be lane choosers avoid this one.

I have to admit, when a minute turned into two and the guy had not yet moved forward to the official transaction position, I was starting to have second thoughts about my choice. But finally, he had done all the cyphering necessary to conduct his business and pulled forward.

Interestingly, my winning ways seemed to infuriate the second guy in line in the next lane over. I could see the poor guy pounding his steering wheel when I pulled up directly beside him. And it only got worse when I advanced to the actual transaction position before the guy I should have been behind.

As I calmly, and quite happily waited for the deposit receipt to come from the pneumatic tube to my left, I caught a glimpse of the frustrated bank customer shaking his head at the injustice.

Oh, and he picked his nose too.

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