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Sunday, May 27, 2007

C'Mon Sister!

So we had to whip into HEB in order to grab some much needed fruit, yogurt, shrimp and other standard necessities, when I saw the craziest thing.

I must tell you that I detest people who can't take the time to place their shopping cart in one of the handy cart corrals. I have a whole list of other things that upset me, but I'll make a spreadsheet sometime and share it with you.

So, imagine my shock when I see a fully uniformed Sister of the Catholic faith leaving her cart right there in front of HEB without even pretending to look for a better place to shove it. I said to my wife that the Sister's behavior surely warranted a few Hail Marys and I have to report, my wife was not pleased with my making sport of the situation; she said I'm going straight to Hell.

Hey, if these people can smack your knuckles with a ruler for giggling in class, I'd say they can gitty-up and put the cart in the corral.


Anonymous said...
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CitizenX said...

saw your link in comments at
Your comment over there was hilarious!

I like what you are doing!

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