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Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Report: Bananas, Painting, Banging, Eating. The Usual...

Has anyone noticed that for the past several weeks bananas go from green to black in a matter of days? They seem to skip the ripe period and just go from too early to eat to too late. I hope this isn't something related to the oil spill in the Gulf.
Saturday morning, I joined several volunteers and did some fence painting all Tom Sawyer-like. That is, I mostly stood around talking and watched others paint. But I think we made some good improvements to some hard hit areas. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

I couldn't paint all day because I had an appointment to have an MRI done on one of my knees. I got thirty minutes of awesome sleep during the 35 minute procedure. I've had an MRI before so I knew to expect all the loud banging and knocking and such. All I know is, the machine started and in what seemed like a few minutes, the technician woke me up saying it was all over. I need to get one of those MRI things for the house. Imagine how well I would sleep.

Have you noticed the influx of sports teams that are taking over the panhandler gig at major intersections? Panhandlers generally have small cardboard signs with catchy little phrases like, "Trying to get home" or "Anything will help" or "God Bless" or some such trickery to tug at our heartstrings. Recently though, I have been seeing one adult holding a sign that says "Send our team to nationals" or something like that, accompanied by a dozen kids in uniforms all begging for money. In some cases, they might sell you a bottled water for a dollar, but in most cases, they just prefer the cash for free. How do you feel about this?

What happened to making your parents take boxes of candy bars to work to force upon all their co-workers? How about a bake sale? More importantly, why not just participate in a local tournament that doesn't require a huge charter bus and hotels? If your league can afford the trip to Disney, great, but why are you asking all panhandler-like for your neighbors to support it?

Oh, speaking of intersections and such, remember that guy at the intersection of 410 and Culebra who one commenter said looked a little like Alan Jackson? I think he has a new gig on 1604 and Culebra. Yep, looks just like Alan Jackson.

We watched Shutter Island with Leo DiCaprio Sunday night. Wow! Great flick. We have also watched a few new shows - Memphis Beat with Jason Lee, the guy from My Name is Earl. Aside from the fact that it took a lot of mental power to avoid thinking of him as Earl - fully expecting Randy to show up in a scene at any moment - we really enjoyed the storyline and the fact that the mystery kept us guessing a few times.

We also liked that show called Hot in Cleveland. Let's be honest, nobody would have watched it if it hadn't been for Betty White and her recent SNL appearance. Come to find out though, I like all three of the other actresses on the show. If you haven't seen it, give it a shot.

Not wanting to beat a dead horse here, but if you live in the area and feel like participating in the Independence Day parade, we will kick off at 11am from Zachry Middle School. If you want to be in the parade, get there ahead of time and just line up in the parking lot. If you own a cool classic car (or even an ugly classic car) or perhaps you want to ride your bike or just walk your dog, you'll fit right in. If you don't want to be in the parade, why not grab a lawn chair and watch the spectacle from anywhere along Timber Path between Cliff Brier and Timberwilde. Everyone loves a parade!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zumba, Parades and Accolades...

If you were following the giggling over on Facebook with my wife and assorted FB friends, they have been discussing the fact that the GNW is getting ready to ramp up some Zumba classes in the evenings starting in July. There was even a suggestion that I might get my fat ass out there and participate (let's be honest; not very likely.) Anyway, this looks like something fun and healthy for those of you who would like to participate in activities but have day jobs that don't allow you to do stuff in the middle of the day. From what I understand, the classes will begin at 6:50PM on Tuesday's. Check the marquees for more info. I promise, I'll leave my camera in the truck if I happen to go by.

Do you realize we are only a few weeks away from the annual Independence Day Parade? I know, I haven't even figured out what pair of shorts or t-shirt to wear. I guess I better get on that. Guess who is going to be the Grand Marshall for this year's big event? None other than me. I asked the Community Manager today what my duties involve in being a Grand Marshall. She said all I had to do was sit in the Corvette and smile and wave a lot. I can wave. Let's just see if I can get out of the Corvette at the end of the ride. I have to ask: not that I have a book deal or anything, but does this put me in the same league as Jeff Kay?

I think everyone should be in a parade at least once in their life and if you live here in the GNW, why not throw a few streamers on your bike or pile a bunch of Cub Scouts in a truck and join the event? We have made the journey on our scooters and that was a lot of fun, save for the fact that the parade moves really slow and subsequently, my ass becomes one with the seat in a not so pleasant way. This year, we are going to decorate the truck, add a trailer and have neighbors represent our street. Of course, my wife will have to drive as I'll be smiling and waving from the Corvette up at the front of the line.

I know I have been very negligent in providing updates to the blog here recently. I wish I could blame it on the nightly jacuzzi action, but that only lasts about half an hour. Fact is, I've just been busy with other things, but hopefully I'll have time to post more. Or not. At any rate, since I'm busily tooting my own horn already (you know, it being such a high honor to be a Grand Marshall of a neighborhood parade and all) I wanted to pass along something extremely wonderful that a reader here submitted to one of those sites that reviews blogs. I genuinely was flattered to the point of blushing when I read the e-mail the web page sent me. She said,

This blog is thick with understated humor and editorial, but the writer rarely weighs down his comments with overtly political bias. As the official blog picture suggests, Dave is the epitome of a Texas man, a warm heart, a lot of common sense, and huge sense of the funny. Quirky and informative, the entries feature a great mixture of photos, history, and local flavor.

How wonderful is that? Imagine me, both quirky and informative. Thank you, Deb. You are too kind.

It is Thursday already and of course, this is aimed at local readers who might consider getting out early this Saturday the 26th of June, to do a little volunteer work. Our local SAFFE Officer is bringing in a group of Explorers to do some Graffiti clean-up. This would be a great opportunity for those of you who feel like helping out with the never ending task of painting over the fences that are tagged. We will all meet in the parking lot at Emerald Valley Park at 7AM (though if you can't make it that early, you will easily find us working in the area). The event will be from 7AM to 11AM but you are not obligated to start or finish with the group, we could just use a few more folks to help.

Over the last few years, there has been a fairly regular group of folks who get out and do a lot of the work to remove the tagging from our area. Most recently, two of those guys have done the brunt of the work, tackling it from multiple directions, talking with residents who have been victims and really trying to motivate anyone they can to consider helping in the least. They'd be embarrassed if I mentioned their names so I won't, but I hope they both know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, "noticing" is not enough.

We simply need more people willing to contribute an hour here and there to do the things that the HOA cannot do. This is an association made up of seven different sub-divisions with over 20,000 residents, and it seems like we only have a handful of people willing to help out. The optimist in me wants to believe that many, many more people would get out and help if they knew how. If that is you, please, contact the Community Manager at 681.2983 and ask how you can get involved. Better yet, meet us on Saturday at Emerald Valley Park and jump right in.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dinner Party Report: Los Barrios...

Saturday evening, we enjoyed a really nice celebration dinner at a restaurant called Los Barrios. Locals will of course recall the tragic and senseless murder of Viola Barrios, the owner of the restaurant at the hands of her young neighbor. A sad story for sure, but let's not dwell on that.
I had never been to Los Barrios and to be very honest, the reviews I have read have been mixed - everything from it being the best place to the worst place to eat in San Antonio. I'm gonna say it wouldn't qualify for either extreme.

Ordinarily, my wife and I dine alone as opposed to in a large group so naturally, the service is going to be different. There were numerous groups in the dining area we were in as well as a large group out on the patio. Obviously, this is a popular place on a Saturday evening. With reservations, we were seated immediately and our waiter began taking drink orders. I'm not kidding when I say it took 15 minutes to get the teas, waters and sodas to the table.

In order to speed things up, we were given a very shortened caterer version of the menu, but the selection was fine in my opinion. The more you have to choose from, the longer it takes for everyone to decide. I actually thought that this would make things easier on the staff, but the reality is, it took fully one hour to get the vittles from the kitchen to the table. But again, when you attend a dinner like this, never expect it to be a fast food scenario. My wife and I both suspected that there were many regular diners who arrived after us, ate and were on their way out by the time we ordered. If you dine in a big group, unless you have ordered ahead of time, this is pretty normal.
The table was loaded with small bowls of chips and salsa, both of which were good. They made the wait for dinner much more manageable, but as you can just imagine, I was pretty much full from pigging out on them. I guess I didn't manage the hour all that well.
But onto the food. I think I was the first person to order so I went with the Beef Fajita plate. Two fajita tacos on flour tortillas and the standard rice & beans with some guacamole and pico de gallo to spice things up. I'll tell you right off the bat, I never even touched the rice or beans. See the aforementioned discussion of mismanaging an hour worth of chips and salsa. Appearance wise, the fajitas looked good. And, I am happy to report they taste good as well. Not tough at all which all too often you can come across. I was pleased.
My wife had Tacos “a la Diana” which is three soft rolled tacos filled with
guacamole and shredded chicken and served with rice & beans. My wife who was smart enough to back-off on the chips and salsa really enjoyed the rice and beans. That is a compliment coming from her, given that we all know she makes the best rice & beans in San Antonio*. She was equally happy with her chicken tacos and for her, the long wait was worth it.
The only other picture of food I took was of the No. 1 Plate which is made up of two cheese enchiladas and a crispy beef taco and of course, the rice & beans. This was probably the most popular choice at our table, but it wasn't on the special menu we had placed before us. Needless to say, those who have dined at Los Barrios before know how great this plate is. Look at that little crispy taco and the loads of cheese on the enchiladas. For readers from out of town, is there any wonder now why we are consistently scoring high on the Fattest City in America contest? Just looking at the picture makes me want to do a few sit-ups, but instead I'll probably order a pizza.
As everyone finished up dinner, toasts were made and a cake from Lucy's was produced. How can you go wrong with Lucy's?
The happy bride and groom cut the cake and served one another and all was well in the world.

In the end, we decided that it would only be fair to make a return visit to Los Barrios just to dine on our own. The long wait for dinner was excusable in my mind, but only because of the crowd.

Have you been to Los Barrios? Is it your favorite place to dine for Mexican food? Won't you leave a comment and let us know your thoughts?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Garner State Park and The Leakey Star...

On Saturday we took a drive out to Garner State Park just to enjoy the weather, relax a bit, and let my daughter show off the place she has enjoyed since she was a baby to her friend who is in town for some military training.

If you are a local and have never made the trip to Garner, I cannot over emphasize how nice it is – even on a packed weekend like Father’s Day – to just relax and enjoy. For us, it just a takes a few hours and the place seems to act as a reset button lowering stress levels all around.

Enough of my sales pitch on GSP; you’ll either go and like it, or you won’t. But just in case, look at the views.

So on our way there, we made our usual stop in Sabinal at the One Stop where I picked up a copy of The Leaky Star, a newspaper from the town of Leakey located just a few miles from Garner State Park. We’ve driven into town a time or two over the years but really, don’t bother going if you are looking to purchase some beer.

Anyway, I started reading through the paper and found it very entertaining journalism. I really enjoyed an article about this guy who had been released on parole only to be seen by eyewitnesses to be violating the conditions of his probation. I just assume that in really small towns, everybody knows everybody else, so if you get out of the pokey and the rule is you can’t drive, it probably isn’t really smart to drive.

The article states,

For two days, following court, Thomas was seen driving around town in his truck, reportedly still with an invalid license. He was cited at The Hog Pen on Friday morning and at the Frio River crossing near the Pecan Farm Saturday afternoon. He drives a large jacked up white Ford truck with a flag displayed in the rear. A witness reported on Saturday the front windshield appeared to have been bashed. Complaints were filed with the Real County Sheriff's office.

By the way, I think the man was “sighted” not “cited”, but who knows?

Can you imagine if the residents of San Antonio contacted the newspaper every time they saw a parole violator or for that matter, someone breaking the law? They would have to start an entire new section. Imagine if you knew your neighbor didn’t have car insurance and called Eyewitness Wants to Know as soon as he pulled out of the driveway in his car that had expired tags and inspection sticker. The local news would turn into an all day event like CNN, only more entertaining.

I’m not poking fun at The Leakey Star – I genuinely find it refreshing to see news that is relevant to the community and an editor not afraid to tell it like it is. Everybody knows that guy is on parole and the terms don’t allow him to drive, yet he does. They don’t go for the politically correct thing or run a comment from his dear mother who will no doubt argue, “He is such a good boy.”

There was one other thing that I was really surprised to see. A reader named Jerry Blalock submitted a letter to the editor in the form of a poem called “Illegal Immigrants”.

From The Leakey Star*

I cross river, poor and broke, Take bus, see employment folk.
Nice man treat me good in there, Say I need go see Welfare.
Welfare say, 'You come no more, We send cash right to your door.'
Welfare checks, they make you wealthy, Medicaid it keep you healthy!
By and by, Got plenty money, Thanks to you, TAXPAYER dummy.
Write to friends in motherland, Tell them 'come, fast as you can'
They come in buses and Ford trucks, I buy big house with welfare bucks.
They come here, we live together, More welfare checks, it gets better!
Fourteen families, they moving in, But neighbor's patience wearing thin.
Finally, white guy moves away, I buy his house, and then I say, 'Find more aliens for house to rent.' In my yard I put a tent.
Send for family, they just trash, But they, too, draw welfare cash!
Everything is very good, Soon we own whole neighborhood.
We have hobby it called breeding, Welfare pay for baby feeding.
Kids need dentist? Wife need pills? We get free! We got no bills!
He pay all year, To keep welfare running here. We think America darn good place! Too darn good for white man race.
If they no like us, they can go, Got lots of room in Mexico .
*I'll remove it if they ask me to.

I have a fairly good sense of humor I believe and I certainly agree that we have a problem with illegal immigration – starting with the fact that people for some reason want to sugar coat the term to “undocumented immigrant” – but I’m not so sure I would have pushed the envelope of good taste in printing the poem that seemed to equate all illegal’s as Mexican and all legal citizens as white. I am sure there are more than a few US citizens of Mexican heritage, or black folk or Asians or any other race who are opposed to illegals, be they from Mexico, South America or Asia or wherever. And by the way, doesn't it seem to be written as if the the teller of the story is a really bad actor portraying an Indian (feather, not dot) in an old Clint Eastwood movie?

Having said that, just because I didn’t care for the poetic commentary, I was glad to see the editors willing to publish such an awful thing. I help with the paper we put out for our HOA (which has an actual printed distribution 3 times the size of The Leakey Star) and I promise you, it is a struggle for me to write while holding back some of the things I would really like to print. These people have an audience that I suspect are eager to read the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if it might come across as a tad bit racist in nature. But who am I to judge? I suspect that more than one Leakey resident read the poem and simply shook his head saying, "Ol' Jerry is at it again."

Good times.

Have you been to Garner State Park? Do you know of another small town paper that I just must read? Do you have a bunch of semi-racist poems that get by because they address a serious issue? I hope you will take the time to leave a comment and tell me about it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

Just a total whirlwind weekend culminated in a quick dip in the hot tub before bed. Happy Father's Day to all the dad's.
I celebrated with a trip to the airport to drop my daughter and the little dog, Panda off for their return to New Jersey. For those concerned, Gracie is handling the departure with the utmost class.

I'll try to find a moment to write more about it in a day or two, but we did have more than just a wonderful visit from our daughter this weekend - we added a daughter-in-law and her wonderful parents, sister, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Who knows, maybe this is one way to increase readership!
Here Eva and I are with daughter Roxanne, my son Taz and his bride Iliana. So cute. If you zoom in close enough, you can probably see I spilled something on my tie even before we had dinner at Los Barrios.

More during the week.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't Blink...

We were pretty shocked by the timing but happy nonetheless to get some good news on Saturday. I'll leave it at that for the moment but hope you can enjoy the music.

I'm not one to post music videos to make a point, but my wife and I were on our way home from HEB this afternoon when this song came on the radio and it pretty much described the weekend.

Lunch Report: Freebirds in Alamo Ranch...

Stuffed. Forget everything else I say, and just know that if you go into Freebirds and willy-nilly order up just a quick bite to eat without fully understanding how it works, you will end up stuffed.
We had multiple errands to run in the Alamo Ranch complex and knew full well that we had plans for dinner, so of course, we needed just a light snack for lunch, right? Well surely you can go into a place called Freebirds and get something light.

The place is set up like a Subway - the assembly line sort of sandwich shop - but a whole lot hipper I suppose. Instead of getting a foot long sub, the emphasis is on building a custom burrito the way you want it. Take note of the example sizes on the menu board. They have the Hybrid, Freebird, Monster and Super Monster. Unless you are really hungry, go with the Hybrid.
They had three or four people making the burritos, so waiting was not an issue at all. They were quick to answer questions and offer samples and everyone was really friendly. My only issue with the set-up - and I often feel the same way at any place where you have to interact with the cook - is the sound situation. With loud music playing in the dining area, it is nearly impossible to make out what the order taker is asking you from behind the short glass spit-shield. I'm not kidding when I suggest they give the employees little megaphones. It isn't that the music is too loud, simply that the acoustics of the place don't make for an easy conversation from the customer side to the burrito making side without numerous "excuse me?" "say again" and finally giving up and just responding "sure - I don't know what you just asked me, but as long as it is edible, go ahead and throw it in my burrito."
You can't help but find the interior design fun. A full size motorcycle with Lady Liberty busts through the wall; instead of holding her torch, she has a Monster sized burrito.
You will see lots of motorcycle themed accoutrement throughout the place as well as a heavy dose of "green" recycle action. Good for them, incorporating a moneymaking operation along with something they believe in, I have no complaints as long as the final product that hits my tummy is good, and it was.
I also liked the leave behind artwork by patrons. At Which-Wich, people draw on the sandwich bags and leave a mark, and at Five-Guys you can see little calling cards drawn in Crayon. Here, the visitors of Freebirds craft some spiffy sculptures from the foil that wraps their burritos. My son spotted the logo from his high school, Comm Arts, in the window.
Ordinarily, I'm able to take some pictures of the food we order so you can get a good look. Unfortunately, between the foil and the tortilla covering the mixture of rice, beans, meat and fixin's, there isn't much to show you without really biting into it. So, I apologize if it looks like I took several bites and then took a picture, but that is exactly what I did. What you see (if you can bear to look) is some carnitas (pulled pork), black beans, Spanish rice, and just a load of whatever peppers and jalapenos they had to throw on. The result was pure yummy.
We "rev'd" our meals meaning adding a drink and a side (chips & salsa or a brownie) for an additional $2.79. Just check out the brownies! I may have to go take a pee test in the morning, just to be sure. For three of us, our meal came out to $29.00. That is a bit extreme for a burrito, but the fact is you can get out for much less. Seriously, unless you are just enormously hungry, go with the smallest burrito or split the Freebird with a friend.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Night Update: Birds, Fish, Peaches, Tubs...

And when I say "tubs", I'm not necessarily pointing out my huge belly, but I can understand if you took it that way.

I know, it feels like I have not provided any information in at least a week. You may be thinking that now that we have the little jacuzzi action going, we can't be bothered with anything else. Oh sure, the timing - what with the end of the season for most of the TV shows we watch, there doesn't seem to be anything pressing keeping us from taking a dip to relax the muscles before bed. I highly recommend it - if the hot tub is working.

For those of you not paying attention, we purchased a spa/jacuzzi/hot tub whatever - over the Memorial Day weekend. Well, the following Saturday, we went back to - Watson's Family Leisure over on San Pedro to attend "Spa School". They offer this seminar to pool owners (Pool School) and spa owners as a free service to help you better understand how all the chemicals work. Even if you bought your spa or pool somewhere else, they are happy to have you join the class and believe me, it was well worth it. I seriously was lost and Brandon, our instructor cleared a lot of things up.

Oh, if you get queasy really easily, you may want to skip this picture.
Too late, I guess. Sorry. Anyway, this poor bird for some reason flew into the truck parked next to me. I honestly thought it was a prop at first - you know how you see guys hang big brass sacks from the trailer hitch of their trucks. But upon closer inspection, it was a real bird. Makes good eatin' in lean times.

So back to the hot tub. We had this routine down of going out at about 9PM each night, sitting in the tub for half an hour and then coming inside, getting ready for bed and seriously sleeping much better. Hell, a doctor should have written me a prescription for this years ago and perhaps I wouldn't have such crappy sleeping habits.

So there was a huge rain storm sometime during the week and the next thing you know, the tub has gone all haywire on us. Of course, we did all the standard troubleshooting - you know, like reading the manual and such - and I even got on the Google and found a web page to ask questions to. (Still no answer on that one, though I may go back and answer it myself). I disconnected the power and restarted it multiple times, but the thing was just going crazy.

I called Family Leisure just before their closing time and talked to a few folks there, but their spa technician was out and they took my info. The next morning, I went out and just cut the power from the breaker figuring there was no sense in blowing the spa up, and I went to work. (Is this too much information? I haven't even gotten to the fish story yet.)

I get ahold of Austin, the Spa Tech, and he takes all the information and advises me to cut the power for at least 24 hours, pointing out that there is some memory in the system that should clear after 24 hours. I was startled at first because when he mentioned the spa having memory, I started feeling a little nervous about a minor situation with one of the jets. Oh, I'm just kidding Mr. Naughty-Thoughts...

Anyway, long story short, we waited 24 hours, cranked on the power and we are as good as gold. Everything reset as expected and I'm happy to report that we just got out of the tub not long ago.

I got an interesting e-mail the other night from a reader and person involved with the Mr. Cod company. The gist of the e-mail was that he had read about our rough experience with the Mr. Cod on Grissom and Timber Path and was hoping we might come back for another try. He very graciously offered a free meal but of course, I declined the freebie. But I did say we would be happy to visit again, and we did just that, this evening.
We always seem to find excitement. When we walked in, there were no customers at all. The place was empty with the exception of a single cook and the lady at the counter. We placed our order and then began to look for a place to sit. I'm guessing in an effort to save money, the air conditioner was set to a brisk 85 or 90 degrees, because I began to sweat. This is no joke; I walked from table to table, booth to booth until we found the coolest place to sit in the restaurant then took a seat.

As we were waiting, an older gentleman and his son walked in. If you follow on Facebook, you already know what happened next. I was in the middle of uploading a picture of my Mr. Cod receipt to FB when my wife yells at me to go help the man. I was oblivious to the fact (and this is why people should not text and drive) that the older guy was having a medical situation. I ran over to see if they needed help, but my wife immediately jumped into action, directing the lady behind the counter to call 9-1-1 NOW! The younger man got his father seated and Eva began to ask him how he was etc. The lady on the phone suddenly had an issue with speaking English and promptly handed off the phone to my wife. It wasn't that the dispatchers don't speak both Spanish and English, but you have got to pick one language and stick with it as you try to describe the situation in an emergency.
Bottom line: The man was okay and everyone lived happily ever after. The paramedics arrived and commented about the extreme heat, just as the A/C kicked in and my platter of fish arrived. Deciding not to haul the guy away in the ambulance, they ordered dinner. That's one way to generate business. (I kid, of course).
So, my wife ordered up the fish sandwich. We had good luck with this on our last visit and once again, she was very pleased with the the taste and the way it is served. The fries were fine and plenty. We realized that we could have easily ordered the fish sandwich with fries and a single plank of fish for me and been full.
I saw that they offer catfish now and so I had a fish platter that came with a piece of catfish and 3 fried shrimp. They have figured out the cooking time for the shrimp. These were meaty and not under or overcooked. I was not expecting the catfish to be fried in the same batter as the normal fish they offer. I guess I didn't know what to expect, but it was just fine. I did enjoy it and have no complaints at all in the quality, or the presentation.
They have napkin dispensers now!
We did order some pies (I had lemon and it was just as good as the one next door at What-a-Burger) and I'm not sure if the meals came with drinks or not. The ticket came out to over $18.00 and for what seems like a fast food atmosphere, that still seems a tad bit steep to me. But I won't quibble over a few dollars as long as the food is good.

I am told that they have a new Mr. Cod over on DeZavala, and I'm sure we will give it a spin, if only to follow-up on all this. If other readers have tried them out recently, (It has been over a year since the Mr. Cod on Grissom opened), I'd love to read your comments.
I think we planted our peach tree about two years ago. Seriously, how awesome is this? I just wish the skin wasn't so fury. I prefer the ones in a can with light syrup.

And there you have it. I've been informed that I'm slackin' on the bloggin'; hope to write more sooner rather than later, but it isn't looking good for this weekend. Lots to do!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Parking...

If I hadn't said it before, thanks to all of you who have served in the military and I hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend.

While I was out and about, I saw two brilliant parking situations worth mentioning.
This first one was at the Home Depot on 1604 in Alamo Ranch. How do you explain this? Was the guy a member of the "curb-climbers club" suggested by Deep Forest in his comment to my post about trying to make a right hand turn at a stop light? Was it a lady driver? Was it a man driver who doesn't know how to use his truck yet? Or was it just some liquored up guy who couldn't keep it between the lines? The funny thing is, there are no cars parked in the next space or the next ten spaces on the passenger side, so it wasn't a case of someone trying to squeeze in. Who knows?
This next one is the type of thing that simply drives me nuts because there is just no excuse for it. As you can see, I am driving up the lane of an obvious one direction row of parking spots at the HEB. The Mustang in front of me is doing the same thing. If you see the white Excursion or Suburban in front of him, it is an inconsiderate A-Hole driving down the aisle in the wrong direction. Hey, I can see this happening by accident from time to time; it is memorial day and you've had several beers when your wife sends you to HEB for some tortillas, hot dogs and more beer. You turn down the aisle and maybe you feel like a jerk. But this wasn't the case.

This guy was actually parked in the second parking slot at the top of the aisle and he had to do a five or six point turn in order to back out of his space and purposely go the wrong direction while those of us going the proper direction had to wait and then make room for him to pass. He literally could have backed out, gone the proper direction and turned into the next aisle going the proper direction and been out of the parking lot a minute sooner. But no, he was a first class jerk. And he had the nerve to give me a dirty look when I made room for him to pass by me. Strange.

Update: Added some important links at the top...

The Garden Report: Adding a New Water Feature...

We have the one side of the house that simply would not grow grass at all, so a while back, we decided to do a little landscaping. If you recall, we added in a walkway along the outside then created a space lined in rocks to plant all sorts of different plants.

You might also recall that we added a smaller deck near that garden which made a nice addition, but to be honest, it hasn't gotten a whole lot of use.
This weekend, we decided to do something with the space that would help us better utilize it. And believe me, after running over 100 feet of new electricity in the hot sun, my knees and back were ready for a little relief.
Of course, Eva helped too.

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I love to observe the odd things happening around me as I go about my day. I especially like it when I can get a picture of people being themselves. Here, I attempt to report the various people and events I have encountered in my neighborhood, and my city. I'd also love to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail your experiences and photos of life in San Antonio.

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