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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mr. Cod: The End...

Yes, yes. We all knew Mr. Cod had closed the doors on their Grissom and Timber Path location. And as you would expect, a new Mexican Restaurant has taken over. Who couldn't see that coming?
The building has been painted a new orange-ish color and now, the Mr. Cod sign comes down!

In your honor, Mr. Cod, I have some real catfish on my mind...


Albatross said...

In San Antonio, all obscure restaurants morph into Mexican food joints. Eventually.

Anonymous said...

My daughter says that Mr. Cod moved to the Stone Oak area where the taste buds are less picky! ha ha ha! Good luck to them. I pity the people who eat there!

Keith Alan K said...

Mr. Cod is on DeZavala, across from Rome's Pizza.

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