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Monday, November 8, 2010


Well, not as in a van down by a river, but homeless as in we have a buyer for our house and not exactly sure where we are moving. I know; we are brilliant when it comes to the strategery of moving, aren't we?

Naturally, this could all fall right apart (it wouldn't be the first time in the history of Real Estate that a deal fell through), but we do know that the folks who want our home, really want it bad. And we hope only the best for them in their desire to have it.

You would not be shocked to learn that selling a house isn't limited to receiving money for your house. Turns out there is a lot of fixing stuff that you did not realize was broken. Take for instance the brand new furnace we had to install last week.
Who knew we were living in a death trap that could have blown ourselves to bits and burnt the house down right along with us? Okay, perhaps I'm being a tad bit over dramatic, but a crappy furnace does not make for an attractive selling point, and the fact that we replaced it without hesitation was probably a factor in our prospective home buyers making an offer. And if it falls through, we'll just be warm without burning-up (literally) this winter.

So the obvious question is, where will we go? We have spent hours and hours and multiple tanks of gas driving the back roads of Floresville, La Vernia, Adkins and that general area to the southeast of San Antonio. If you are in the market, I will tell you that there are loads of wonderful homes and properties in the area. But for some reason, we decided to go back and look at some property we had looked at before down I-35 South of San Antonio near Lytle.

There is a development west of Lytle with beautiful homes on 1 acre lots but I kept whining about the lack of trees. Why in the world would we give up the gorgeous yard full of trees we have to move to a nice house on the moon?

The next day we drove back down I-35 and looked at a development a little more cognizant of my need for trees. We looked at a few different houses and thought we wanted to so more. We even considered (briefly) the idea of just buying a piece of land and building on it. Long story short, there is a property with a new house (a spec home) that we have a really good feeling about.

In the meantime, the packing has begun. We are contemplating some serious garage sale and Craig's List action to get rid of items we don't want to pack. You would think that this would all serve as a huge weight off our shoulders, but the truth is, we both know that the stress has only just begun.

Wish us luck!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Selling/buying is SO stressful. We closed on our old house before we closed on our new one, so we were homeless for about 24 hours, too. (we were able to stay in the old place until we could pack up that weekend!).

Mike Yager said...

Some community south of San Antonio will be getting some mighty good new neighbors. Hope you find that dream house soon.

Albatross said...


Anonymous said...

Dave: I was hoping, and I'm sure I have a lot of folks who agree with me, it would take YEARS to sell your house!!!

Now that it is done, I guess I must wish you the best in your search. Thanks for everything you have done for this community, we'll miss you man!


RB said...

Dibs on the Texas bird bath!

Dave said...

Dibs on the Texas bird bath!

I don't want to get all Realtor-speak on you, Bob, but like the bath tub, the Texas bird bath does not convey. Hell, it is half-way to Natalia as we speak!

Anonymous said...

No one takes my birdbath RB .. I painted it and I told Dave when we put the house up for sale . MY Birdbath will go with me wherever I go.. I just need to wait for 3 strong guys to carry it cause it is very heavy ..

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