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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fuel Efficient Parking at Best Buy...

I'm not going to lie; I'm easily amused. We had to run into Best Buy today and hit the one on 410 near Ingram Park. A side note: Am I losing my mind or was Best Buy located on the other end of that large strip mall?
Anyway,in order to appear as green as possible, this particular Best Buy has loaded up all the parking spots close to the store with reserved parking. Naturally, you have the required Handicapped parking. That's a law. Of course, you are going to have a few of their Geek Squad cars taking up spaces and certainly, you'll want your Employee of the Month to have a reserved spot. Don't forget a place for Expectant Mother's (by the way - if you are a woman and you some day expect to have kids, do you qualify?) and Mother's with Small Children.
But now they have a new one I had not seen before: Reserved for Fuel Efficient Vehicle. I know, you people who pay way too much for a Prius ought to get something for your abundant car payment.
But this is what I love about San Antonio. This guy was either saying, "Screw You and your Smart car loving tree-hugger-mobiles" or he was just being honest and indicating that compared to his F-350 Dually, this is a fuel efficient vehicle!

Me likey!


Albatross said...


After all, the sign didn't say how efficient the vehicle had to be.

Anonymous said...

no, they didnt move, there used to be a circuit city on the end of where this best buy is.

Anonymous said...

I park in it with my EcoBoost F-150 also. I bought it for fuel efficiency, and even skipped 4WD for the mileage. So far, only a couple of people have given me the evil eye, usually just the ones that aren't really handicapped parking in the handicapped spot.

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