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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where am I Supposed to get my Glasses Now?

Sad news from one of San Antonio's more interesting characters. Let's hope this was all a big misunderstanding.

When you see Mike Yuchnitz on his TV commercials, he may come across as a little odd, but the guy is a great businessman who genuinely takes care of his customers. Our family knows firsthand how this guy bends over backwards to offer good value and awesome service for the price.

Albatross says it all over at Strange.
KSAT-12 has the story here. Express-News provides a little more detail here.


Sabra said...

I remember seeing his commercials as a kid, when he dressed in a suit and tie, and then moving back here and finding he'd gone off the fashion deep end. I probably should not, given that it's such a serious subject, but I must admit to laughing when I saw the name and wondering why the down payment wasn't $39.95.

Anonymous said...

It's much deeper than originally thought, Dave, there's a 13+ page thread on it on CD-SA. The whole situation is quite sad...

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