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Friday, October 1, 2010

Suddenly, it is Different...

In just a matter of an hour or so we had gone through the paperwork, made the applicable disclosures and initialed page after page of information and signed along the obligatory dotted line, though, I don't think the line was necessarily dotted. We moved a few personal items out of the way including the dog so interim photographs could be taken and finally, a lock box was placed on the front door and a sign was pounded into the ground.
As much work as we did in the past week to fix a small list of items (touch up paint, new carpet and other odds & ends), it didn't really feel "real" until a neighbor drove by and noticed the Realtor sign. It is one thing to clean your house - and I'd like to say that we always keep the house reasonably clean - but it is another to remove a lot of the personal things that make it your home. I don't mean just the pictures and such, but the idea that I can't leave the spoon I use to stir coffee in the morning on the edge of the sink*. That might gross out a potential buyer.

Suddenly, our home is now a product that we are trying to push. It isn't something to get upset about because this is something we both want, but there is certainly something different about it.

I am not fond of long goodbyes, so won't you purchase my fantastic product? Soon?

* The Realtor did not tell me I couldn't leave a dirty spoon on the edge of the sink but I sort of guessed it was part of the overall game plan.


Albatross said...

I've never been to your house, but I feel like I know it a little already.

What will the possums do when you're gone?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Wow...Exciting. I remember all the nerves and excitement when we decided to sell our first house. You can leave a spoon by the coffee pot, just rinse it off and leave it on a colorful spoon rest! :-)

Dave said...

@Albatross: The possums have already asked about tiny possum-sized luggage so they can move to the country with us. That would make Gracie feel better.

@ETW: How bout if I just lick the spoon and place it on a colorful napkin? That would be homey.

Keith Alan K said...

Make sure the realtors spread the word that your house is still occupied. When I sold my house in Live Oak I came out of the bathroom naked to find a bunch of people in the hallway. Apparently my car in the driveway wasn't a big enough clue.

Dave said...

Oh geeze. That sounds like one of my anxiety dreams like not being able to locate my locker in school or making the combination to the lock work.

So out of curiosity, did they still want to buy the house after seeing all the contents?

Anonymous said...


Good luck on the sale of your house---and your move to a new one.

I will miss this blog.


Keith Alan K said...

Dave--never saw them or that realtor again. And C21 did such a crappy job we never would have sold at all if the lady across the street whose daughter was jumping our fence to swim in the pool (again--occupied!) hadn't found us a buyer.

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