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Monday, October 11, 2010

Laundry Woes: Where is my Dang Shirt?

I may have mentioned before that we routinely take my slacks and shirts to a place nearby to have them pressed. Dry Cleaning Station is the name and they are located in the Cross Creek Shopping Center at Grissom, Culebra and Tezel.
We've been going to this place for years and aside from a few miscues, like the times I would go in and the guy at the counter was in dispose for way more than the "be back in 5 minutes" sign on the door suggested, we have been happy with the service.

That was until about a month or two ago when some new owners or managers took the place over. The regular employees have all left and the new group can't seem to get their act together. I have yet to go in and have my clothes ready on the day promised since this new group took over. My wife went as far as to tell the manager (or at least someone who seemed to be in charge) that we were done dealing with them. We tried another place near our house, Great Northwest Alterations, but as the name implies, they seemed to be an alteration shop more than a laundry place and between the price and the failure to deliver on-time, we were done with them after one attempt. Nice lady, though.

My wife even went as far as ironing my clothes herself but when a huge pile amassed in the laundry room, she decided that we should see if the folks at DCS had gotten their act together.

So on Thursday, I had two pair of slacks and two shirts to pick-up. I went in with my ticket and while I waited, there was a disgruntled customer in front of me upset that half his order was missing. I already knew it was a mistake to come on the day the clothes were supposed to be ready. Of course, when the guy gave up and left with only half his order, it was my turn to find out that one of my shirts was missing. Instead of taking the slacks and the one shirt that was ready, I just left it all there and opted to return Friday afternoon.

On Friday I went in and presented my ticket and the person reported that they were not done with my second shirt. I told her that it was due on Thursday. She just looked at me as if to ask, "What did you expect?". She then told me to please come back Saturday.

On Saturday, against the better advice of my wife, I went in with ticket in hand around 10:30 to collect my order. Still no shirt. This time, the same lady told me that the people who do the pressing of the clothing don't finish until noon, so I should come back then. Instead of ruining my Saturday, I decided I'd wait until today (Monday) just to give them extra special extended time to do the ironing of the one shirt.

Today, I walk in and the same lady tells me that they have the two pair of slacks and one of the shirts but the second shirt is not ready. She then asked me if it was due for pick-up today. I know this is where most people simply lose their cool, start throwing things around or empty a clip into the nearest ironing board, but frankly, I'm just a little too laid back for that sort of thing.

I told her that my order was due to be ready last Thursday and that on Saturday, she told me they would be done ironing my shirt by noon that day. She then changed her tune and flat out told me that the shirt was not there and perhaps I could come back later. WTH? So I asked, "What do you guys do when you lose a shirt?" She just looked at me like she was about to suggest I come back another time but then asked me if I knew what color it was. It has been so long that I had no idea what color the shirt was. So then I asked her if she could get my slacks and perhaps I could figure out what color the shirt might have been based upon the slacks it came in with. I already knew that I would never see the shirt again and there is no telling on how I am supposed to prove how much it cost to replace. For a moment, I really thought about coming up with some really fabulous color scheme to give the lady to search for, but in all honesty, I offered "maybe yellow, but I really have no idea."

So today, we dropped off some slacks and some shirts at the Pilgrim Cleaners on Tezel at Guilbeau. I can already tell that will be a one time deal simply because they don't offer a "press only" service.

So, any ideas?* Anyone know of a reliable laundry service nearby that can press your clothes without losing them?

*Just for the record, I can press my own shirts and pants and actually don't mind doing it. I'm just trying to do my part to boost the economy by offering to pay for reliable service.


Anonymous said...

I use Five Star Cleaners and have rarely been disappointed with their results or timeliness of service. They have locations all over SA. Give them a try.


Diskussion Das said...

Same thing happened with me and my comforter. They couldnt find it for about 10 days.

Then magically it appeared when I went in demanding a refund and to also have them pay for the cost of replacement.

Of course the owner or anyone who has 'authority' to give any discount based on horrible service is never in and the manager never called me back after being told that I would be called back while I was waiting for the stuff.

Needless to say, I won't go back and will recommend people wash their own stuff over taking it to them. HORRIBLE COMPANY.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!!! I have been fighting with this cleaners for months over a missing blouse of my daughter's. I left a pair of slacks and a small Betsy Johnson blouse (for the uninformed---very expensive) and when we picked them up, we got the slacks and a large men's button down shirt. They "searched" for the blouse and then promised to check the place where they actually clean the clothes---did you know they don't clean them there? I was given a number to call to see if they had found it. Needless to say, no one ever answered the phone. I physically went in to check on the progress and had to deal with yet another person who had no idea about the lost blouse and again promised to follow up "tomorrow". I went back in a few days later and happened to meet the "owner" who went through the search process and then promised that he would personally check on the blouse and gave me his "personal number" so I could follow up with him directly. Guess what, never an answer and no ability to leave a message. I have made several trips, each time explaining the situation and describing the blouse, to include it's price to replace, to a different person with a promise to follow up!! Still no blouse. I'm going back in and letting them know that, if I don't get some kind of result, they may see me sitting outside their door with a sign warning people that this cleaner loses clothes===BEWARE. Any body ready to join me???

Dave said...

By chance, did the large men's button down shirt you get happen to be brown? Just thinking maybe it was mine.

There is something crazy going on at that place. The guy who worked there for several years told my wife that he quit becasue of the less than standard way they handled the pay. I won't elaborate but he seemed the think that laundering of clothes was not necessarily the highest priority. And of course, we still have not been called about my missing shirt.

Anonymous said...

I sent this press release to the media:

TO: WOAI: TroubleShooters@woaitv.com, NewsDesk@woaitv.com
KENS TV : NewsTips@kens5.com


DEFENDANT: PAUL DUKE , owner, DSC Cleaners 9179 Grissom Ste. 147 San Antonio, Texas 78251
His cell: 210.300.1679

After reading this, Mr. Duke miraculously found my shirts.

Dave said...

Mine too! Perhaps your little disturbance helped my situation.

I went in today and handed the lady my ticket without any word and she looked in the computer, pushed a few buttons and like magic, there was my shirt.

Of course, that was the last time I'll go there ever again.

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