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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Party in 78250...

We made the short drive down to the Lodge of the Great Northwest to enjoy some good times with neighbors at our annual Halloween Party Saturday night.
I was thinking I could have just donned an orange shirt and gone as a pumpkin but my wife had other ideas. We went as the King and Queen Pins, members of a bowling team. In other words, all I had to do was put on a shirt that was too small with some sort of bowling logo on it. That was just as easy as being a pumpkin, I guess.
They used the same DJ we had at our annual Luau. The guy has a really huge selection of music for every taste and as an added bonus, he does a lot of performing to the songs sort of like an air guitarist or back-up dancer.
Here we are as the bowlers with our neighbors, Nurse Bellyache and Doctor Catastrophe or something like that.

Did you need to see more pictures? Why not head on over to the Flickr page to see them all?


Anonymous said...

I love Eva's glasses! I thought the doctor's name was Dr. Bendover!! ha ha ha!

Four Dinners said...

I think I met Doctor Catastrophe once...around the time I had my haemmoroids done...;-)

Lydia...I think you're confusing him with the two Scottish Homosexual doctors....Ben Dover and Phil MacAfferty?

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