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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fagbug at UTSA...

I was downtown today for a class related to my job and during the walk back from lunch, a colleague and I cut through the middle of the UTSA campus and came upon a rainbow painted VW Bug with the word "fagbug" across the door.
As I am apt to do, I whipped out my phone so my friend could take a picture of me posing. Notice my extremely baggy slacks? Can you tell that I'm ready to go down another size?

Anyway, as we were walking away from the display, there was a small group of students (I suppose) looking at me as if I might have something mean to say. In fact, I smiled and the co-worker and I continued on with our work related conversation and never even looked back.

Later in the day when I was checking my phone for messages, I looked at the picture and it occurred to me that the pose I made, a thumbs up with a grin on my face could have been taken any number of ways. Perhaps with my bright yellow shirt, I was giving a thumbs-up to my Metrosexual side. Or perhaps, these students may have perceived me as mocking them and their cause (whatever it was). The real truth is, and as my wife and readers of this blog can attest, I pose by anything that catches my eye. When I pose next to H-E-Buddy or some other commercial mascot, I'm not putting down that institution, I'm simply being a goofy guy who likes to pose with mascots and such.

Of course, we tend to over think these things. I started to question my own "endorsement" by way of "thumbs-up" to some group that would use the term "fag", a term that I personally feel should be referred to as "The F-word" except for the fact that the other F-word has already laid claim to it. At any rate, suddenly, I was wondering if the small group of people near this vehicle were actually anti-gay protesters and now I had somehow endorsed their political sentiment.

You know, you could lose sleep over stuff like this or you could just get on the Google and figure out what this is all about. And I did just that.

Turns out, the Fagbug is a movie about a girl who had a rainbow sticker on her VW and apparently, for that reason, vandals spray-painted her car with ugly comments. She decided to leave the ugly words on her car rather than remove them and took a 58 day road trip to get reactions from people seeing the vandalized car. Later, she had the VW transformed into a a full rainbow sticker design and her goal is to get a million gay (and straight) people to purchase little "fagbug" stickers to raise awareness.

So there you have it. Now tell the truth; do those slacks make me look fat or am I just overly sensitive?

*Please, no ugly slurs or anti-gay comments. I'll just delete them.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

You look very svelte in your slacks and I hate the word f**. I'm glad it's being used, in this case, to raise awareness in a good way.

Sabra said...

I think fag is one of those words that can go either way, depending on the context and the audience. It gets used now & then with my gay friends, but not too often, and usually just as part of terms like "fag hag"--which is actually what I thought of when I saw the photo.

Albatross said...

Since I'm straight, can I use the term "f**" when I'm talking about the movie Fagbug? Or is that word always off-limits to me, a mere breeder?

Identity politics is so confusin'.

WV: guzzin - What you say when you're calling out to your uncle's son after eight or nine beers.

Deb said...

Dude, those pants do make you look fat. I've read so much about all the yummy but calorie-laden meals you enjoy, and I always imagined you were as big in person as you look in the picture. But I saw you getting your tea at Bill Miller's once and ... well, I guess you could lose a few pounds, but you looked okay to me.

When I saw this picture, I thought you'd managed to GAIN weight in the few weeks since I spotted you, but nope, it's just the pants.

Dave said...

"Dude, those pants do make you look fat"

I just know there is a compliment in there somewhere.

Yes, yes it is all the pants fault. Deb would make a terrible husband! You know when the wife says, "Honey, do these pants make my ass look huge?" you are supposed to say, "Oh, no, not at all, dear."

Luckily, I'm not the sensitive type. I'll just be in my room with a big bowl of ice cream and a bag of Oreos if anybody needs me.

RB said...

Daveed - I thought maybe the thumbs up was to show off your freshly manicured thumbnail attached to that "beefy" thumb to your audience...

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