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Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Time...

One of the motivations I had when I started this blog was to share with the readers who might stumble upon it via location specific searches, the joy my wife and I have for our neighborhood - Silver Creek - and of course our hometown of San Antonio.

When we first got started, I often posted my own accounts of our homeowners association minutes, at first finding the whole affair to be rather amusing. In those early days of this blog, the board meetings were a complete mess. There was infighting amongst the various factions and as new visitors to these meetings, my wife and I were sought upon like fresh meat in the lions den for parties from the opposing sides to feast upon, hoping that we would join a particular camp. While my wife had zero interest in any of outlandish behavior at all, I found the entire circus to be both entertaining and humorous.

In spite of the ridiculous, totally bizarre actions by some of the participants - board members, association staff and plain ol' residents like me, I really felt like these were good people with a little too much time on their hands. I realized that quite honestly, for the 99 percent of the residents who lived in our neighborhood that never attended a meeting, none of this nonsense mattered in the least. The bottom line at the end of the year was, "Did my HOA assessment go up, down, or stay the same?" I attended with clipboard in hand, took notes and offered you folks a little insight - at least I hope I did.

When my wife and I weren't attending HOA events, we were visiting small Texas towns on enjoyable weekend drives and documenting the evidence of the food we partook in at Barbecue joint after hamburger stand after catfish cafe. In just a few short years, readers here could watch my girth expand while reading about every gut-busting bacon cheeseburger shoveled down my gullet followed by gallons of iced tea and refreshing adult beverages. Clearly, folks became more interested in where we went to eat rather than what scandal my HOA had been involved with during the previous week.

In time, my fascination with photographing life's goofier moments, more often than not pointed out by the sharp eye of my wife, became a staple with constant homage to the real Strange in San Antonio. I'll never forget seeing a car being pulled backwards down Tezel Road or that hood of a truck with a hole sawed into it to accommodate the wrong sized radiator. You just know that in either case, alcohol was surely involved.

A neighbor once asked me what the process was for writing these blog posts, and I told him that honestly, I sit down and write for ten minutes and hit publish. I can't say that is true anymore. In fact, I have numerous posts about places we have eaten and the pictures I have taken simply sitting unfinished in the queue begging to be finished so they might see the eager eye of some hungry person Googling for a place to get a good burger, but time has become too much of a commodity these days. When the words don't flow, I don't have the time to put into deep thought for the words to describe what we saw, and my sense of pride won't allow me to "mail it in" with templated offerings of Tasty Treats.

So instead you get a video about a guy "rapin errbody out here", which I still have to admit is quite brilliant. At any rate, for the lack of recent effort; I apologize.

If you follow my wife on Facebook, you've already read the news. After lots of starts and stops, plans and re-plans, we have decided to put this house we love in this neighborhood we truly enjoy onto the market so as to seek a new adventure in a yet to be determined home in a yet to be identified suburb of San Antonio. It has been one of the most agonizing snap decisions we have ever made because of the things we have done to this home and because of the amazing friendships that we have developed here.

So when we move, what does it mean for a blog named after a specific neighborhood in a specific zip code? I guess it means we start a new blog with a new name and I find the time to tell you about the new places we eat and the new towns we visit. And if our new home ends up built on a small spread of acreage in the wilds of Floresville or Lytle or Castroville or some small town in between, there is a good chance we will tell you of the snakes and spiders and scorpions we learn to live with. Let's hope we can move into a place with an HOA that forbids such wildlife from encroaching upon our living space.

And what about you? Are you ready to pack up your junk, load up the U-Haul and come take our place in this awesome neighborhood? We won't leave the jacuzzi or the tub, but we can offer great neighbors and a great house. Lemme know if you need the name of my Realtor!


Charlene said...

I got involved in my condo association in the '90's. I moved too! There are people who live for that bear wrassling, but I'm not one of them.

Why don't you open a new blog that is just your travels and reviews of great places to visit?

Albatross said...

No matter where you end up, let us know where you are. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts, and I hope to keep you on my links list. I don't mind changing the name -- I did so for The Pistolero when he moved here from East Texas, so I definitely will for you when you end up calling your blog The Dominion 78257.

Hey, I'm living vicariously through you. What can I say?

Dave said...

There is a certain ring to "The Dominion 78257"... Perhaps someone there needs a pool boy. A rather portly one.

brenty said...

Oh my, sniffle, sniffle.

From one of your 78250 neighbor down the road.

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