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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the Search is On...

Last evening we took a round about drive towards Quihi to look at a property that caught my wife's eye.

When we were first married over 25 years ago, we lived in some apartments off of Ingram Road near Culebra. The apartments are still there but the name has changed. Anyway, when we felt like taking a drive "out into the country" back then, we would get on Potranco and take it beyond Loop 1604 and enjoy the scenic views of cows and fields of corn or whatever they were growing out there.
Over the years, we have watched the scenic views take longer to get to and fill significantly less space. There is one development after another as San Antonio "moves" closer to Castroville.

The house near Quihi turned out to be a bust. Backing up to a fairway on a golf course is just not the type of relaxation I'm looking for, and I'm not so sure the golfers would appreciate our dog racing after the balls each time an errant shot flew in our direction.

Too bad. Quihi is fun to say out loud.

1 comment:

AlanDP said...

Cool photo.

Quihi! Quihi!

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