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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Strange in Home Depot...

During one of my many trips to Home Depot this weekend I parked next to this brain surgeon.
I always feel a little queasy trying to haul 12 foot boards in my short bed pick-up but it is doable if you mount them right, tie it all down and use a little flag to alert your fellow road warriors of your extended load. In case you are wondering, the boards this guy has are already in as far as they are going. And if you can't read my little captions in yellow above, it shows the length of the bed to be about 6 feet. He easily has another 8 feet dangling out the back.

I eagerly watched the 10PM news wondering if I would see how Loop 1604 was temporarily shut down to pick up scattered lumber, but no such luck. Strange.

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Charlene said...

You could sit in your car near the store and see lots of funny stuff happening. Hey, maybe that's how they make those YouTube comedy reels?

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