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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poor Parking in 78250...

I tend to have little routines and one of them is to stop into the Bill Miller's just outside of our neighborhood on the way home from work for an iced tea refill. I pull into the same parking spot, walk inside to the "to-go" line rather than pull into the drive-thru line (because it is usually full) and I order an unsweetened iced-tea and ask the person behind the counter (unless it is one of the people who already know my routine) that I need just a little splash of sweet tea on top. I hand the person at the register my two quarters, return to my truck and drive to the other side of the parking lot allowing me to exit without waiting for the light. This works well.
Until some crazy evil person blocks my parking spot. What the hell? Does this look like a place to have a picnic? I was thinking that perhaps they might have been waiting for a big order from the drive-thru and had been asked to pull forward, but as I drove by I could see some eating taking place.

Look, I don't have some sort of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but if your car broke down or you just decided to have a little feast, do it without blocking my parking spot. This is the sort of thing that throws me off my game, dammit!


Rich said...

How heinous. How dare they? Maybe BM can mark that spot reserved for you.

Sabra said...

Heh. Still remember the time someone parked right behind the ex at Valero. Rob got in the van and started backing out slowly. Dude moved his Mustang fast.

(And the car doesn't look familiar, but there are visitors to the people in the other half of the duplex who regularly block Erik's truck in the driveway here.)

frankvw said...

and they have the little white ribbons on their trunk.

Deb said...

Hey! I saw you there. First time I've seen you and Eva out and about. I must say, you are quite handsome in person.

But, Dave, you were parked two feet from the front door. You really ARE a creature of habit. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Dave, it is always great to read your running commentary on life on San Antone's northwest side , I never miss one. I, for one, appreciate your efforts. Take care of that diabetes.

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