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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lunch Report: Big'z Burger Joint...

We had put it off and put it off, starting on more than one occasion driving toward Big'z Burger Joint only to find ourselves diverted to another eating locale. I had even convinced myself that the place was simply too popular to enjoy given my distaste for loud, wide open eating places. But following some comments left on a previous post with a reader proclaiming that Big'z must be visited, we set out on a journey that would not end until we had finished wiping the delicious juices of a medium cooked burger from my cheese covered beard. That'll make you hungry, I'm sure!

Big'z is housed in one of those big metal buildings which seems sort of out of place considering it sits at the entrance to a community called "The Vineyard" - unless of course I'm mistaken and it really is a working vineyard back there, then perhaps that building fits right in. None-the-less, think of it as a newer version of Chris Madrid's without all the sweaty t-shirts and frustrating choke point ordering station. There is no questioning the popularity of the place and the many happy faces of folks eating their burgers and fries.
I think another reason the place is popular with families is that fact that they have a huge wide open play area where you can turn the street urchins loose while mommy and daddy sit on the spacious deck sucking down pitchers of beer. I didn't venture out to see what the big party barn was all about, but I suppose you could hold a private little soiree in there if you needed.
So on to the vittles... We both ordered the Big'z single on wheat with cheese and I added bacon. For those of you on a budget, the wheat bread was an extra .75, the cheese was an added .59 and the bacon was .89. In fairness, they do throw in some lettuce, pickles and tomato in as part of the $4.50 single. We also got some onions rings which we just loved. We are fans of the breading used at Clear Springs on their rings, and these seemed like a very similar version. Good stuff.
The most important part you need to know is that they are willing to cook the burger to order. I ordered mine "medium" (yea, I live on the edge like that) and sure enough, I could actually hear it moo when I took my first bite. The result was instant goodness and an immediate need to commence wiping my face with the roll of paper towels conveniently placed nearby. The burger was very juicy and the cheddar cheese was well worth the extra .59 they charge. The bun was grilled though it might have been nicer if they had slathered on some butter just to give it that extra greasy flavor. Then again, I did order wheat, so perhaps they thought I was trying to be healthy or something ridiculous like that.
Bottom line, we were quite pleased with our Big'z singles and the onion rings that came along with them. When it comes right down to it, the price is just about the same as any other place specializing in burgers so I wouldn't let all the added cost for extra ingredients get in the way of your Tasty Treat.

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Sabra said...

Looks like even with all the extras added in it's about on par with places like Cheesy Jane's & Armadillo's. I know I've driven past it once or twice & taken note of the playground.

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