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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lunch Report: Beef and Bourbon and Done...

I've posted about the old East side regular, Beef and Bourbon before and you may recall on our last trip, there were some definite issues with service and such. I'm sorry to report that on our visit this past weekend, things have only gotten worse - though, best I could tell, nobody was hauled off by the police.
I won't even go into the details about how Eva's family has always loved this place. You just know that at one time, it was probably a regular haunt for lots of folks just wanting to get their steak on and have a few drinks with dinner.
This was probably elegant in the 1970's.

We had taken a drive to the small town of Adkins just east of San Antonio to look at a property a friend has on the market - you can see it here if you are looking to buy - and on the way home driving on Hiway 87 which turns into Rigsby, we thought we ought to stop into B&B. In truth, we would have been better off going the opposite direction and hitting Texas Pride BBQ.

The place was fairly empty and we seated ourselves. One waiter covered us and the two or three other occupied tables, but that didn't slow him down. We got our drinks and ordered in good time and honestly, it didn't take long to get our salads and entrees.

You'd think that all that would add up to a positive experience, but there was something in the air - the floors looked clean but there was a scent of a place that simply needed to be remodeled. How long can you maintain the same decor without replacing the paneling or the drapes or the pictures? Oh, and why not replace the mop head. I wouldn't say that it smelled like the place had been mopped with urine, but there was a clear musty smell about the place. Perhaps it was some old people sitting nearby, who knows?
My wife ordered the T-bone and made the mistake of having it cooked medium-well. In my opinion, that is a crime caused by the victim, not the cook. The steak (of course I had to have a bite) was not bad per se, but it just wasn't something to write home (or blog) about. At least the salad was good.

I decided on fish, and so I asked the waiter what kind of fish it was. Catfish he said.
Yea. Nice catfish. Again, it was not so much that the fish was bad - they certainly fill the plate, but it just tasted less than appealing. I ate maybe half of it, skipped the baked potato and called it a day.

I don't know what the answer is. Do you just tear the place down and start over? Do you bring in new management, new cooks and a new menu? Do you fire the guy who doesn't know that that ain't catfish?
I think the folks at Beef & Bourbon know the answer. They need help. Bad.


Charlene said...

There was a little 20 table oriental restaurant near our old office. We ordered lunch from there for take out at least once a week. After we moved, I'd still go back there with Lenny. It was NEVER busy. The food was ok but I always figured they were laundering money for the mob or something. Then it burned. Hmmm

frankvw said...

Well, they've finally done it. Among the new fried foods to be rolled out at the Texas State Fair this year...Fried Beer and Deep Fried Frozen Maragaritas. See article at http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/localnews/stories/082610dnmetstatefair.8afa26cc.html

Sabra said...

Uh, Dave, I don't know how to break it to you, but that *IS* the updated dining room. Granted, it was updated roughly 15 years ago, but it was updated. Now, what's desperately in need of work is the women's restroom. That place hasn't been touched in at least 25 years (I say this 'cause I'm 31, and nothing's been done to it in my lifetime, to my knowledge, but I'll give 'em a buffer for when I was too little to recall.)

I don't think the service has ever been good. I don't go for the service. I go for the House Sirloin; I know of nowhere else in the city to get a cheese, onion, tomato, & chili pepper covered steak. Erik and I were there maybe two weeks ago, in fact.

RB said...

That's Randy's place isn't it? Is he moving or relocating?

Dave said...

I have had the steak before and I thought it was fine. My wife deserves some of the blame for ordering it overcooked.

Oh, perhaps that scent we smelled in the atmosphere was in fact the woman's restroom.

Dave said...

That's Randy's place isn't it?

He bought some land with a newer house on it just up the road. It is a nice area.

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