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Friday, August 20, 2010

How Many Months Along Are You, Sir?

Let’s be honest. If you have read the things I write about for any amount of time, I could report that I had suffered a massive heart attack and you would probably say, “Yep, I saw that coming.” Well, I didn’t have a massive heart attack, so I suppose you were wrong, this time.

In spite of my reasonable heart, I was recently forced to take stock of another equally believable medical malady that I had been frankly, attempting to ignore for the past several years; that is the fact that like my father and both grandfathers, I have Diabetes. Yes, surely even the most occasional of readers had to see that one coming as well, what with my enthusiasm for enormously decked out greasy burgers, the obnoxiously portioned fries and my love for deep fried things of all flavors. Like many of you, I even like my bacon chicken fried.

And let’s not forget the refreshments. There is a reason why I enjoy San Antonio and that’s because I enjoy a cold beer on a hot day, and brother, it’s hot every day. You have to wonder if Siskel and Ebert could review a movie without the crutch of a huge tub of hot buttered popcorn; right? Well rest assured that more often than not, if I was snapping pictures of a chicken fried steak hanging over the sides of the plate, there was probably a tall Miller Lite sitting nearby.

We intuitively know that these things are bad for us and yet for many, moderation – the answer I believe, to everything – is set aside for just one more day. I think we also recognize when there is something wrong, but if we put off the confirmation by a competent authority – a doctor in the case of illness – life can go on and the burgers, and fries and beers and pizzas and hugely adorned tacos loaded with sour cream and heaven can continue to build one’s girth much to the concern of spouses, friends and acquaintances.

Like you, I could not have been surprised when the doctor who was supposed to be looking at my knee suddenly announced that, based upon blood work I had done last October, I was fully diabetic. I won't even go into the background of how I have somehow floated through the military medical system without this little detail surfacing; at this point it doesn't matter. What was shocking was to see the look on the face of the young lady I had just shown my handsome, manly legs to. It is that look that conveys, "Forget your knee dumbass, you've got bigger problems".

So that was the 4th of August. In the days since, I have dropped at least 15 pounds. That would probably be impressive if I only weighed 175 like I did when I met Eva, but I'm not kidding when I tell you I was only a Lord's Burger or two shy of 260. As my late Uncle Buzzy (He just passed a few weeks ago) asked me a few years ago, "David, what are they feeding you in Texas?", I guess it's safe to say, "Everything!"

But not anymore.

I'm not stupid enough to announce some lofty goal of getting healthy, changing my diet and posting huge "Before" pictures, only to come back a month later and tell you that I'm feeling much better now so I can order a Family size Papa Murphy's pizza and a case of beer. In fact, when I see blogs where people do that, I tend to see that the blog quietly disappears a month or two later. And I also giggle at their public failure.

What I will do is tell you that I just made some awesome ribs tonight and I ate probably more than I should have, but I washed them down with unsweetened tea (which is how I prefer it anyway) and didn't otherwise stuff myself with all the sides that would usually accompany them. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

If you only come here to see the food reviews, don't worry. We still gotta eat and I can't eat in a restaurant without taking pictures. I'll try not to come across as healthy or anything like that, because seriously, that sort of thing is just boring. But who knows, maybe we'll visit someplace that is both less filling and tastes great.

And if you'd like to send me your special Diabetic recipes, you can always e-mail me or leave a comment below.


Deep Forest said...

Dave, don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I don't eat near what I seen on your blog but my latest trip to the doctor was less than pleasant. While I do not have diabetes he put me on 500 mg of Metformin (I'm sure you know what that is). Anyway, he said I was sliding that way and he wanted to stop it. I'm taking 8 pills right now for various things (half are vitamin), pretty soon I can give up food and just take pills . I can still eat pretty much what I want, just in moderation...Keep the faith brother.

Albatross said...

Hang in there, buddy!

Charlene said...

My husband was diabetic. His sin was savory. He loved all the meat, potatoes and such. He died at 43.

I learned I was diabetic two months before he died at the age of 40. My sin is sugar. I could go a month without eating meat but carbs and sugar, oh boy.

My way of coping is 30 min. of walking stairs or flat mall 5 days a week. Gave up all soft drinks because they had potassium in them and that can get out of control and harm the kidneys. I take vitamins. I eat yogurt every day. I drink lots of water and if I MUST have a sweet thing, it is small and the very best sweet thing!

I saw my doc last week. I asked him how long he thought I'd live. He said he'd give me 20-25 years. I don't believe him, but he's a nice guy. Don't let people put you down either. Diabetes used to be a rare disease. Now it's so popular about 50% of the population has it and at least 20 million don't even know.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I think the Evil Twin is looking down the barrel at diabetes,too. Everyone on his mom's side has/had it. Take care of yourself and hang in there!

Sabra said...

I have PCOS, which is related to diabetes. Similar eating rules, among other things. What really helped me was an almost-lost diet called Sugarbusters. (Any diet based on the glycemic index will work well, though I personally dislike South Beach because it has a crash diet at the beginning.) I found it easy to stick with while eating out. I had to avoid my beloved white potatoes and all the things made with them, but could still have a steak and a baked sweet potato (sans brown sugar, of course) and not feel like I was missing out.

You should pick up a book on the glycemic index. You might be surprised by what's low-GI. Almost all pasta (except macaroni, strangely enough) is low-GI because of the process used to make it, and sourdough bread is as well even if it's not whole wheat.

Keith Alan K said...

You'll be all right, Dave.
From reading you for a long time now, I get the feeling that you have plenty of willpower if the cause is important.

Since our city council thinks they have the right to impose their standards on our behavior without a popular vote (Asshats!) I have one year to quit smoking.

No doubt we'll both succeed, to end up as annoying and cranky OLD bloggers long after the internet has been replaced with something cooler.

Pam said...

If you are looking for some really good low fat, low salt, low sugar recipes, Cooking Light is a great source. I've been using their recipes for about 15 years and they keep getting better and better. They also have recipes that take about 20 minutes to prepare. Their website is www.cookinglight.com

I also agree with Sabra that you should check out the gylcemic index to make sure the recipes you are using are good choices.

Dave said...

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful comments, suggestions and encouragement. We will be hitting the book store today for some of that glycemic index action.

Anonymous said...

How's the cholesterol Dave? That was my red flag, but drugs have it under control now. Hey, and I quit smokin!!! Keith, if you need some patches, let me know. Or the VA gives em out free! Brian

Dave said...

How's the cholesterol Dave?

Considering the amount of steak and cheeseburgers I consume, not to mention all the Mexican food, you'd think it would be worse, but actually, not that bad at all.

RB said...

Dave - Guess who else is in your shoes..."yours truly"! Take a look at the following books and use your judgment...I have had some pretty good results and the lab work proves it.

Inflammation Nation by Floyd H Clifton ISBN:13:978-0-7432-6965-0

The Anti-Inflammation Zone
By Barry Sears
ISBN: 13:978-0-06-083414-2

If you're feeling really froggy talk to me about "Paleo"

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