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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zumba Is a Hit...

I'm sorry I can't offer any first hand knowledge of what I am about to report, but having listened to my wife yammer on about how wonderful Zumba was, and reading the various threads on Facebook from the various attendees, it is clear now that the Tuesday Zumba class offered at the Lodge of the Great Northwest was a huge success. I'm only sorry I wasn't present to record (for historical and possibly hysterical purposes) the event using my special camcorder hidden all pervert-like in a gym bag.

I am told however, that as many as 45 sweaty ladies (and a guy or two) of all shapes and sizes lined themselves up in their Spandex, sweatpants, sports-bras and tank tops and commenced to dance, shake, move and at one point, even shimmy to the fast paced music selected by instructor, Evelyn Soto, who apparently has done this Zumba thing a time or two. Once the group was ready to go, the music started and they kept at it for the full hour. Yikes! I'm feeling the need for a cool thirst quenching beverage just writing about it.

For me, the important part was that my wife had a great time and all the ladies she talked with are eager to get started again next Tuesday. Even better, there is even some talk of trying to get this class twice a week. At this rate, I'll be losing weight and feeling better about myself just knowing that something healthy is taking place nearby.

Were you one of the Zumba people who got your groove on this week at The Lodge? Won't you leave a comment and tell us just how fun it was?


Anonymous said...

The class was perfect! The room was a little too hot and that is my only complaint. $5 a class is a great deal and I feel like we are so lucky to have such a qualified instructor who knows her stuff. The turnout was great, too and I just felt such a good vibe from everyone there....we were working our butts off (hopefully!) but it was FUN!! That will keep people going back again and again and with the obesity rate in this city, it's a godsend! Also, I think it really adds value to our neighborhood--to be able to offer quality Zumba classes so close to home only makes Silver Creek that much better.

Anonymous said...

Zumba was a killer! I thought I was going to die! Can't wait for next Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Zumba was awesome and if they do it twice a week I will be there .

Anonymous said...

I loved the class and the instructor was fabulous. I'm definitely going back on Tuesday night!!! I looked like a goofy girl but I don't even care.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Zumba class on Tuesday. I have taken Zumba with several other instructors, but I have not found any better one than Evelyn. She is awesome!!!!!! Not only does the music that we dance to make your feet move, but Evelyn's enthusiasm, smile and friendliness also makes you feel like you are at a party - it is a great workout. Once you start the party - you don't want to stop.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to GNW for getting a very enthusiastic Zumba instructor. I am a Zumba adictive, I have attended to classes with different instructors and when I found out that our community will offer zumba classes, it was a great surprise and pleasure to see that the instructor is Evelyn Soto. I have participated in two of her charity zumba marathon and they have been a huge success. Zumba is not just an excersice it is theraphy for my mind and soul. I hope our community continue giving us good stuff like this class with profesional instructor like this one.

Dora said...

Loved every minute of it! Evelyn is a great instructor and if you ask me, she is the reason so many of us loved the class. My only wish is that we make the class Tues & Thurs, I live in neighborhood, but I work on the other side of town, and very involved in the community. Giving me the opportunity to make at least one class if not both.
Again, awesome class...I Say Keep It!

Anonymous said...

I loved the class would love to do it twice a week....Cant wait for Tuesday!!! Love Espi

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! FINALLY! is my statement to what happened tues. We have longggg waited for an evening class. FINALLY an AWESOME CLASS. Foremost, FINALLY an expert teaching it too!

Anonymous said...

Week #2 was just as good! Except for the chick with the camera. Seriously, that was not cool.

Sheila said...

I concur! The comments are all true! Dave your wife is RIGHT!!This class was such a blessing in many many ways! I have wanted to join a class ever since I moved here and always miss everything because I work during the day! This is perfect! Evelyn is beyond amazing - her enthusiasm is definitely contagious! We all enjoyed ourselves so much and had such a great time I didn't realize how hard we were working! I hope it keeps growing! The people love it - it will catch on and build! I know it! Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Connie@ Zumba Classes Castle said...

Yeah, now I found something interesting!. I really love to join in a dance class, but somehow I am not one of those person who were born to be a dancer.

Now I don't have to worry about my dancing talent! I already have something in my goal:" To join a Zumba Class!"

I am sure It wont feel me something stressful because fun is all around!.By the way thanks for some encouragement!

Zumba Classes Castle Hill said...

Just seeing those sweaty ladies should be fun, dude.

So much that you can not help but join in.

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