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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take My Number...

So we have that kind of caller ID that shows up on the TV whenever the phone rings and we have gotten pretty good at knowing when to ignore the out of state calls and such. As I walked in the door this evening from work, the phone was ringing and my wife told me that these same bastards had called several times earlier and she refused to answer.

Around 8PM, the phone rings again and I see from the caller ID that it is the same number as before so I grab the phone and answer, prepared to do battle with the scoundrels. A female voice comes on asking if she can speak to the "lady of the house". Clearly, someone selling feminine products over the phone is my guess, so I angrily respond, "No! And take this number off your list!"

The pleasant sounding lady then asked me if we still wanted to leave our clothing donation outside tomorrow for the pick-up we had agreed to a week ago.

"Uh..." was about all I could muster at that point.

"Will your donation be in the driveway or on the porch?" she asked, and again I was able to squeak out a puff of air in response, but nothing more.

"Thank you, sir, and did you still want us to remove your number from our donation list?" she finally asked - probably holding back laughter to save me from total humiliation.

I recovered and said, "No. Keep up the good work."

I guess I showed them!


Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, that is hilarious. I nearly spit out my coffee on my keyboard.

Charlene said...

See there, you just ruined Michelle's keyboard!

I've done something like that with an unlisted number. A friend has a better solution. He's an undertaker and when he gets a sales call, he turnes it around to a sales call to them for pre-need.

Anonymous said...

I really got those 800 numbers when they called my son in Round Rock. I would answer the phone and hand it to my grandson who didn't speak yet but who made such cute baby sounds and could hold the phone by himself. We would watch him make conversations and we could hear the people at the other end and would try really hard not to burst out laughing!! After a while, you would hear the click where they hung up!! Good times!!!

Anonymous said...

...........and thats why eva does not let you answer the phone...lolol

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