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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Strange on CNN: Dawg the Cowardly Lion...

We went to Red Robin in Alamo Ranch this evening for a little burger action and I noticed that on one of the TV screens, they had what appeared to be the Larry King show playing on CNN. Who knew that guy was still around? But that wasn't what I found to be strange.
Wow! Has Dawg Chapman bloated up, or what? Is it possible that the mullet ought to be sheared off for something a little more conventional? And am I the only person who thinks he looks just like the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz? In case you aren't sure, Dawg is the one on the left.



Anonymous said...

...i will agree to this ..

Anonymous said...

Seriously. If you are going out for burgers there are much better places in the area. Have you been to the new Babe's location on Bandera in Helotes? Bobby J's in Helotes? Carls Jr on Bandera? Bigz on 1604? Heck, even Chili's has better burgers than Red Robin...

Dave said...


Bobby J's

Carl's Jr.

We have not been to Bigz and currently don't have it on our list. We have heard it is good, but not worth the hassle of the crowds.


I totally agree with you on Red Robin. I liked it the first few times we went to the one at The Rim but I've been disappointed with this new one at 1604 & Culebra. I told my wife after this visit that I'd probably not go again.

Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy Red Robin as well, but something about the patties is not right any more. They seem small, mediocre and similar to the bulk patties you can buy at HEB. There is simply nothing special about them any more. I also forgot to mention Ruby Tuesday's has some awesome burgers as well. Red Robin has lost it's appeal thanks to the numerous mom & pop burger joints that S.A. has to offer. To avoid the Bigz crowds go during the middle of the week, never on the weekends. Thanks for the links to your other reviews. I rarely read the blog any more and cannot remember where you have been and where you have not been. I am not affilated with the SA burger blog and do not always agree with the reviews they have but they are a great resource for burger joints. With that said here is my top five burger joints in S.A.:

1. Babes - Great burgers and rings. By far the best rings in town. Kids eat free most of the week as well.
2. Bigz - Great thick burgers, get a fried egg and cheddar cheese on your burger and you will be in heaven.
3. Bobby J's - Great sloppy burgers. Very family friendly.
4. Ruby Tuesday's - Great selection of different burgers, nice atmosphere.
5. Lonestar Cafe (NOT STEAKHOUSE) - Great family place as well...

Dave said...

We enjoy Babe's and agree the rings are excellent.

We'll take your advice on Bigz and
add it back to the list. Lots of folks agree with you.

I'm good with Bobby J's and I do like the burgers there. My wife is not as much a fan.

I have had a burger at Ruby Tuesday, just not the one in Alamo Ranch. I had one in an airport somewhere and it was good.

We have been to Lonestar in Leon Springs. I thought it was great but not on my list of top places.

I think the guys at SA Burger Blog do a great job (that's why I have a link to them), but I don't agree with their over the top ranking of Chris Madrid's. The place is simply over hyped. It isn't bad, just not the best. Having said that though, if they say a place is good, I'm inclined to give it a try.

My list goes something like this:

1. Lord's Kitchen
2. Guillermo's
3. All others.

Anonymous said...

Luther's is good ... Not a fan of Bobby J's at all. I think red Robin changed to frozen patties.

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