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Monday, July 26, 2010

Rumors of my Demise...

...well, you know the drill - widely misreported and such. I've just been busy for the past few weeks and haven't had a chance to sit down and type out a few lines or post a picture or two. I'm making a concerted effort to offer a quick update without having to stop mid-stream to witness an accident, deliver a baby or re-wire my house, or any other time consuming event. So here we go...
Do people still play the Lottery in Texas? Apparently disabled people do. Strange.


Have you ever eaten at Henry's Puffy Tacos? In San Antonio, most people have probably never tasted a really good puffy taco from Henry's but they know exactly who the Puffy Taco is.
At the San Antonio Missions baseball games, they take a break at some point and have a little kid chase the puffy taco around the bases. If all works out well, the little kid is able to tackle the taco just feet away from home plate and the kid wins a prize of some sort. Seriously, aside from the dizzy bats, HTPT is the highlight for me. Oh, and $1 beer.
Anyway, we stopped into the Henry's on Bandera at Wurzbach which is in the location of the old Clear Springs Catfish place (and I think before that, maybe it was the Black Eyed Pea - I can't recall), so we could get a Mexican Plate.
No time for a full report here, but that was the best puffy taco I've had in a while. And the enchiladas were yummy too. Is it the best Mexican Plate in San Antonio? Nah.

Oh, there was one minor incident that made us giggle. We ordered and within a few minutes, some guy comes out to bring us our plates of food. As we were admiring the bounty, the server deposits a third plate of food on our table and we sort of figure out that it isn't amazingly fast service but instead, the wrong table. You should have seen us doing one of those Las Vegas style black jack dealer hand moves where you demonstrate for the cameras that you haven't stolen any chips. We established that we hadn't touched the food and the server promptly picked up the plates and moved them one table over to the hungry diners next to us. Not sure why the hungry lady gave us a dirty look - it wasn't like it was our mistake or we had licked the avocado.


Did I mention that I saw a lady get hit by a car? I know, not a very appetizing topic. Not to worry, it wasn't all that bad, though I'm sure she might not agree.

The gist of it is that I stopped into the Exxon on West Avenue and I-10 to pick-up a refreshing beverage in the near 100 degree heat. As I was walking back to my truck, I saw the lady leaving her car at the gas pump walking toward the store. I opened the truck door and heard a screech and sure enough when I jolted myself around, I saw a stopped car and the same lady on the ground, high heels tossed several feet from her body. Of course I ran over immediately to assess the situation and to see that she wasn't dead or anything.

Now before you ask, no, I did not take any pictures (though I was prepared - naturally), but if you need your fix I have some pictures of a burnt down house that might help.

Anyway, the driver of the car was just as apologetic as could be. He turned around to say something to his kid in the backseat of the car and simply did not see the lady. Since he was turning into the gas pump next to the lady pedestrian, I estimate his speed at about 1/2 a mile an hour. Nonetheless, a Chrysler 300 at 1/2 a mile an hour probably doesn't feel that great.

I asked the lady if she was alright and she said she was, asked her if I could call an ambulance and she said no, and asked her if I could help her get up. Yea, she was sort of sitting there with her dress hiked up around her waist. Sorry perverts; again no pictures (though again, I was quite prepared). At any rate - the long and the short of it was, I called the SAPD and let them know a lady had been hit, I offered to stay with the participants of the little incident but after about ten minutes of waiting, they were okay with me leaving. I really felt bad for the driver. The guy was just beside himself with guilt and was clearly more upset than the lady was. Of course, I suspect he may have been thinking long term about the impending call from Wayne Wright or one of the usual lawyers who advertise during Springer.

UPDATE: I kid you not, I received an e-mail from the office of Wayne Wright, LLC today requesting a statement for their client - the lady who was hit. How did I not see that coming?


Did I mention that we tried out the new Longhorn Steakhouse that just opened up on 1604 at Culebra in Alamo Ranch?
This is a picture of my wife waiting for our food. But of course, they had only been open a few days, so really, no cause for alarm.
Forget everything else, just order that $9.00 shrimp appetizer and maybe a salad. That is all you need.


One of the things we are doing in preparation for a new remodel is figuring out what our kitchen should look like. So we went over to Lowe's in Alamo Ranch to grab a few catalogs on cabinets and appliances and ended up making a minor purchase.
Look up the word "Impulse Shopper" and you will see our wedding picture in the dictionary. Not to suggest we got married on an impulse 25 or so years ago. But I do have to admit, these babies are gonna look sweet in the new kitchen. The oven has two compartments, and it is as though the upper level was made specially to bake Papa Murphy's pizza. Just awesome!
I'm especially fond of this dishwasher. It has the hidden control panel on the top, and by all accounts, it cleans the dishes much better than just letting our dog lick them after dinner.


I'm going to try to wrap this up as I listen to the thunder and lightening start to kick in. No, I'm not as worried about frying the computer as I am facing the fact that we cannot hit the hot tub tonight. Lighting and hot tubs do not mix.

But, and I promise this was not an impulse buy, we did get a newer, bigger jacuzzi delivered this weekend. Long story short, we sold our brand new (month old) hot tub to the neighbors and we ordered up a bigger one. This is not meant to be a reflection on just how enormously fat I am, but the recognition that our kids come home and we'd like to get in it without all being squeezed in cheek to cheek. Yikes!
But, this new one is huge! The old tub ("old" is such a harsh term for a tub that is less than two months old) measures about 4 1/2 feet X 5 1/2 feet. The new one is 8' X 8'! And that was never more clear when they showed up to roll it through our gate into the back yard.
When you go into Family Leisure (Watson's) over on San Pedro, the place is pretty big so you don't get the exact feel for how much of your deck the tub will take up. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least. The delivery guys were just awesome and didn't even flinch when they saw the trees they had to negotiate to get the tub into the yard.
Of course, I couldn't wait to test it out and had to pose like a little kid as the water filled. And of course, we put the canopy with full mosquito netting over the top for use.


And there you have it, a week or two worth of information that you just couldn't live without. To all the blogs that I follow - I promise to get back and leave comments and such - just been busy.

And to one of my favorites, BuzzardBilly who ended her blog this week, like everyone else who read you regularly, I'll miss your updates. I promise to pursue my inner Freddy Mercury!


Albatross said...

I have never eaten at Henry's, but I do love me a good puffy taco. If I remember correctly (it's been a while since I've eaten there), Martha's at Babcock and Huebner does a pretty good job of them.

frankvw said...

My wife really likes Henry's but I only think it's alright. I prefer Ray's Drive Inn located at 822 SW 19th St (West San Antonio) for puffy tacos and traditional (red sauce) cheese enchiladas. Supposedly they are the birthplace of the puffy taco and the price is right--$6 or less for 3 tacos.

We tried Longhorn a couple weeks back and were pleasantly surprised. Your spot on about that shrimp appetizer plate...large and very good.

Sabra said...

Henry's is OK, but I've had better elsewhere. I honestly really like the tacos at El Tipico, but that might be nostalgia more than anything (though the house sirloin at Beef & Bourbon next door--which is covered in cheese, chilis, tomatoes, & onions--IS quite good). There's also a little Mexican restaurant darned near on campus at SAC that has great puffy tacos--and they're really big.

Albatross said...

Sabra, are you talking about the Jalisco place on McCullough, the one that is in an old Pizza Hut? If so, then, yes, I agree. They have great tacos.

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