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Thursday, July 1, 2010

La Chupacabras or Just Some Strays?

A few days ago, a couple of really cute little doggies showed up near The Lodge of the Great Northwest and some staff members brought them under a porch to get them out of the rain. My guess is, the little doggies had been dropped off by some jerk hoping that our neighborhood would produce a fine home for them. I am hoping that I am wrong and that instead, there is some resident searching frantically for their two precious dogs that have gone missing.
I went to go grab some dog food, but the dogs had slipped out and went on to play elsewhere, possibly presenting themselves as La Chupacabras so as to startle the security staff.
Either way, they were back this evening. The smaller of the two pups was able to easily get into the fenced porch area, but the bigger one spent several minutes trying to squeeze through a gate before getting his head stuck in the fence. We gave him a little help and this time, I was able to go home and grab some Purina One for a little assistance.
These dogs look like they could be Min-Pins. Of course, I don't know. They just look so cute, but not so cute that I would bring them home to disrupt Gracie. They sure were hungry and I have left enough food and water for them to get through to tomorrow.
I sure hope someone either recognizes their missing dogs and races to the Lodge first thing tomorrow or, someone decides that they just must have these two great looking dogs and does the same. Obviously, someone will be making a call to ACS and you can just guess the outcome of that won't be fun.

Need more info? Call the Lodge at 681-2983 and ask for directions.



i hope they were escapee's and not dropped off...people make my neck red.

Albatross said...

If you call ACS, they may not come by for a couple of days.

If ever.

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