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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dinner Report: WingStation on Tezel at Culebra...

If you are wondering what happened to your local bank, they closed. The good news is, instead of cash, you can use your ATM card to get some beer and some wings!
A regular here suggested we give the new WingStation on Culebra/Grissom/Tezel a shot, and given that we have to eat from time to time, we thought what better way to spend an early Friday evening by stopping in for some vittles and welcoming a new restaurant to the hood.
It is un-American to eat a wing without a beer, and these folks are on top of that. I didn't bother to ask for a full list, but they had several on draft as well as a cooler full of long necks to choose from.

We opted for a two person combo that includes 20 wings (choice of two flavors), an enormous basket of fries, some healthy carrots and celery to make you feel better about yourself and drinks.
The place is small, but clean; well appointed with flat screens and a very large projection screen, so I could easily see this as a place to catch a few quarters of a game as you chow down.
When asked, we identified ourselves as new customers and the store GM kindly hooked us up with a serving of the Rojo's. Rojo's are sliced potatoes with some sort of yummy seasoning on them. When you dip them in Ranch sauce, you'll be happy! If you have to choose between Rojos and fries, while the fries are great, go with the Rojos.
Of course, we had the fries too. And yes, too much for a couple to eat but very good.
We got an order of the Teriyaki and an order of the spicy BBQ, both of which were very acceptable in my mind. Two different folks suggested next time we should order the spicy Teriyaki - which I intend to do. It took time to get the order but that was actually a good thing for us. The fact is, I generally shy away from wing type of places simply because the wings have been sitting there for hours just waiting for you to select a flavor. No offense to those of you who are fans, but Buffalo Wild Wings is not on my return list for just that reason. WingStation offered up some meaty wings; not overcooked and not drowning in a pool of excess sauce.

Call me a baby, but my one complaint is the napkin situation. How do you run a wing operation without napkins on the table? 'Nuff said!

Fair price, beer, TV's, friendly folks. WingStation at Culebra/Grissom/Tezel. Give them a shot and you'll be happy you did.



I love wings and fries...have to forgo the fries but I can eat them wings up.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it. You should carry wipies in your truck like I do. You never know when you are going to have an emergency situation such as this. My favorite was the garlic parmesan.

Anonymous said...

Try the rojo pizza they also have awesome burgers and sandwiches.

Dave said...

Try the rojo pizza

Explain the rojo pizza. What is on it?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the insight.

We dropped by and picked up a take-out menu, but had already eaten. We couldn't see any wings on display (at tables etc). Your pictures and explanation on Rojos is much appreciated. Wifey and I will try them!


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