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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Zumba, Parades and Accolades...

If you were following the giggling over on Facebook with my wife and assorted FB friends, they have been discussing the fact that the GNW is getting ready to ramp up some Zumba classes in the evenings starting in July. There was even a suggestion that I might get my fat ass out there and participate (let's be honest; not very likely.) Anyway, this looks like something fun and healthy for those of you who would like to participate in activities but have day jobs that don't allow you to do stuff in the middle of the day. From what I understand, the classes will begin at 6:50PM on Tuesday's. Check the marquees for more info. I promise, I'll leave my camera in the truck if I happen to go by.

Do you realize we are only a few weeks away from the annual Independence Day Parade? I know, I haven't even figured out what pair of shorts or t-shirt to wear. I guess I better get on that. Guess who is going to be the Grand Marshall for this year's big event? None other than me. I asked the Community Manager today what my duties involve in being a Grand Marshall. She said all I had to do was sit in the Corvette and smile and wave a lot. I can wave. Let's just see if I can get out of the Corvette at the end of the ride. I have to ask: not that I have a book deal or anything, but does this put me in the same league as Jeff Kay?

I think everyone should be in a parade at least once in their life and if you live here in the GNW, why not throw a few streamers on your bike or pile a bunch of Cub Scouts in a truck and join the event? We have made the journey on our scooters and that was a lot of fun, save for the fact that the parade moves really slow and subsequently, my ass becomes one with the seat in a not so pleasant way. This year, we are going to decorate the truck, add a trailer and have neighbors represent our street. Of course, my wife will have to drive as I'll be smiling and waving from the Corvette up at the front of the line.

I know I have been very negligent in providing updates to the blog here recently. I wish I could blame it on the nightly jacuzzi action, but that only lasts about half an hour. Fact is, I've just been busy with other things, but hopefully I'll have time to post more. Or not. At any rate, since I'm busily tooting my own horn already (you know, it being such a high honor to be a Grand Marshall of a neighborhood parade and all) I wanted to pass along something extremely wonderful that a reader here submitted to one of those sites that reviews blogs. I genuinely was flattered to the point of blushing when I read the e-mail the web page sent me. She said,

This blog is thick with understated humor and editorial, but the writer rarely weighs down his comments with overtly political bias. As the official blog picture suggests, Dave is the epitome of a Texas man, a warm heart, a lot of common sense, and huge sense of the funny. Quirky and informative, the entries feature a great mixture of photos, history, and local flavor.

How wonderful is that? Imagine me, both quirky and informative. Thank you, Deb. You are too kind.

It is Thursday already and of course, this is aimed at local readers who might consider getting out early this Saturday the 26th of June, to do a little volunteer work. Our local SAFFE Officer is bringing in a group of Explorers to do some Graffiti clean-up. This would be a great opportunity for those of you who feel like helping out with the never ending task of painting over the fences that are tagged. We will all meet in the parking lot at Emerald Valley Park at 7AM (though if you can't make it that early, you will easily find us working in the area). The event will be from 7AM to 11AM but you are not obligated to start or finish with the group, we could just use a few more folks to help.

Over the last few years, there has been a fairly regular group of folks who get out and do a lot of the work to remove the tagging from our area. Most recently, two of those guys have done the brunt of the work, tackling it from multiple directions, talking with residents who have been victims and really trying to motivate anyone they can to consider helping in the least. They'd be embarrassed if I mentioned their names so I won't, but I hope they both know that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, "noticing" is not enough.

We simply need more people willing to contribute an hour here and there to do the things that the HOA cannot do. This is an association made up of seven different sub-divisions with over 20,000 residents, and it seems like we only have a handful of people willing to help out. The optimist in me wants to believe that many, many more people would get out and help if they knew how. If that is you, please, contact the Community Manager at 681.2983 and ask how you can get involved. Better yet, meet us on Saturday at Emerald Valley Park and jump right in.


Anonymous said...

..........can we hitch a ride with you...lol

Evil Twin's Wife said...

All my friends on FB talk about Zumba all the time too. Sounds fun, but seriously, I don't have time! LOL.

Maureen said...

The giggling starts with the wiggling. And Eva said we can break the camera if it comes into the Lodge.

Keith Alan K said...

Grand Marshall, huh?
Took you long enough--I had that honor 32 years ago.
Might just have to see this.

Anonymous said...

Dave: While I appreciate the work the A Team and McDoo accomplish keeping the neighborhood clean (well cleaner than it would be I guess), is the BOD entertaining a contract to maintain the common areas on Tezel, T-Path, etc. Or do they just expect volunteers to do it forever so we can drop our assessments $.02? Brian

Dave said...

is the BOD entertaining a contract to maintain the common areas on Tezel, T-Path, etc.

Brian - great question and a fair one for sure. You'd have to check with the CM to be sure (because I don't know for 100% certain) but I do believe that a contract has been let to do the mowing/weedeating for those main thoroughfares (think Timber Path, Timberwilde, Village Northwest etc) where it is unlikely that a homeowner is going to mow behind their fence.

Tezel is a different story. That is the COSA responsibility - and they have actually tried to give previous boards the land in lieu of taking over the maintenance. That is a no-go, and if we had our staff or contractors do it, we could never get them to come out and mow it. This is really a safety issue more than anything else.

The volunteers I'm talking about are people getting out to paint over graffiti - though the people I have mentioned do much more than that. We could technically wait for the residents (victims) to paint over their fences or wait for the city, but tagging in Emerald Valley brings down the property values in Ridge Creek and Stage Coach Crossing. The problem is all of ours, but legally, not the HOA's. If we asked the staff to cover it all everyday, not only would it not be cost effective, you could just see the lawsuits rolling in.

Bottomline: Our small group of volunteers including good folks like you and others are burning out. We just need more residents to give a little bit of their time and manpower if we hope to keep abreast of this tagging thing. We also need more people willing to ask the police and City Council to do more. Most have become so accustom to seeing it that it no longer pisses them off. That is a bad thing.

Deb said...

I only speak the truth. I just hope I didn't speak too soon and you get a big head from being the grand marshall and everything. Deb

Dave said...

I just hope I didn't speak too soon and you get a big head from being the grand marshall and everything.

Oh yes, I'm updating my resume and going in on Monday to demand a salary raise! Actually, I was at least second or third on the list and was selected by default I think. But it still ought to be fun.

Sharon Rollins said...

Dear quirky and informative brother:

Watch out for the Zumba! I jumped in with both feet and did all the cardio arm waving, etc. After an embarrassing interlude where I thought I was having a heart attack, my doc sent me for a bunch of tests (I'm all clear) and told me, "You can't jump right into these things like you were 20." Harrumph. Anyway, Zumba is major fun, and you will sleep like you've never slept before after the class, but do the steps without all the arm waving until you're warmed up. Or else, is all I'm saying. See ya - Sharon

Dave said...

I don;t think I will have to worry about starting slowly with the Zumba... I'll let Eva give it a try and then see if she can convince me to join in later!

Anonymous said...

"Our small group of volunteers including good folks like you and others are burning out" Not me, I send my kids! hahaha You guys do great work with the grafitti, sorry I lumped it all together with the weeds.

Anonymous said...

Zumba was awesome :) Hope I still feel the same way in the morning :) If anything hurts Dave will hear about it I'm sure :)

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