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Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Report: Bananas, Painting, Banging, Eating. The Usual...

Has anyone noticed that for the past several weeks bananas go from green to black in a matter of days? They seem to skip the ripe period and just go from too early to eat to too late. I hope this isn't something related to the oil spill in the Gulf.
Saturday morning, I joined several volunteers and did some fence painting all Tom Sawyer-like. That is, I mostly stood around talking and watched others paint. But I think we made some good improvements to some hard hit areas. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

I couldn't paint all day because I had an appointment to have an MRI done on one of my knees. I got thirty minutes of awesome sleep during the 35 minute procedure. I've had an MRI before so I knew to expect all the loud banging and knocking and such. All I know is, the machine started and in what seemed like a few minutes, the technician woke me up saying it was all over. I need to get one of those MRI things for the house. Imagine how well I would sleep.

Have you noticed the influx of sports teams that are taking over the panhandler gig at major intersections? Panhandlers generally have small cardboard signs with catchy little phrases like, "Trying to get home" or "Anything will help" or "God Bless" or some such trickery to tug at our heartstrings. Recently though, I have been seeing one adult holding a sign that says "Send our team to nationals" or something like that, accompanied by a dozen kids in uniforms all begging for money. In some cases, they might sell you a bottled water for a dollar, but in most cases, they just prefer the cash for free. How do you feel about this?

What happened to making your parents take boxes of candy bars to work to force upon all their co-workers? How about a bake sale? More importantly, why not just participate in a local tournament that doesn't require a huge charter bus and hotels? If your league can afford the trip to Disney, great, but why are you asking all panhandler-like for your neighbors to support it?

Oh, speaking of intersections and such, remember that guy at the intersection of 410 and Culebra who one commenter said looked a little like Alan Jackson? I think he has a new gig on 1604 and Culebra. Yep, looks just like Alan Jackson.

We watched Shutter Island with Leo DiCaprio Sunday night. Wow! Great flick. We have also watched a few new shows - Memphis Beat with Jason Lee, the guy from My Name is Earl. Aside from the fact that it took a lot of mental power to avoid thinking of him as Earl - fully expecting Randy to show up in a scene at any moment - we really enjoyed the storyline and the fact that the mystery kept us guessing a few times.

We also liked that show called Hot in Cleveland. Let's be honest, nobody would have watched it if it hadn't been for Betty White and her recent SNL appearance. Come to find out though, I like all three of the other actresses on the show. If you haven't seen it, give it a shot.

Not wanting to beat a dead horse here, but if you live in the area and feel like participating in the Independence Day parade, we will kick off at 11am from Zachry Middle School. If you want to be in the parade, get there ahead of time and just line up in the parking lot. If you own a cool classic car (or even an ugly classic car) or perhaps you want to ride your bike or just walk your dog, you'll fit right in. If you don't want to be in the parade, why not grab a lawn chair and watch the spectacle from anywhere along Timber Path between Cliff Brier and Timberwilde. Everyone loves a parade!


Pam said...

I'd take an old drunk honest panhandler any day over the team going to nationals. The parents decided to pay for their kids to be on those teams, they need to come up with the money to send them to some BOGUS nationals meet. I've heard some cynical parents say that all you have to do to get to nationals is pay for classes. Candy bar sales, those were the good ole days!

Sabra said...

The Honolulu little league team was very aggressive with the panhandling when we lived there. They had little nets on long sticks that they would stick out toward cars. Someone there said "What happened to the chili tickets?" One of the local restaurant chains sold books of fundraising tickets. I know some places here do as well, and there's always the good old-fashioned spaghetti dinner.

Me, I have a policy of not giving money to people who annoy me, so I usually ignore the street corner fundraising.

Of course, I'm the same spoil sport who refused to let my daughters participate in their school's fundraiser when I saw that they were supposed to be selling $14 or $16 "gourmet cookie dough".

Albatross said...

Don't bother me, people. I'm trying to drive and not run over your ass!

Anonymous said...

They cancelled "My Name is Earl"? Boy, I'm really behind the times! I am going to watch the parade from the corner of Timber Path and Timber Run. Throw me some candy!

Anonymous said...

My Bananas turned black quick as well. Heck I even saw mold on them for the first time. I'm thinking it's because of this humidity lately

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