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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Garden Report: Adding a New Water Feature...

We have the one side of the house that simply would not grow grass at all, so a while back, we decided to do a little landscaping. If you recall, we added in a walkway along the outside then created a space lined in rocks to plant all sorts of different plants.

You might also recall that we added a smaller deck near that garden which made a nice addition, but to be honest, it hasn't gotten a whole lot of use.
This weekend, we decided to do something with the space that would help us better utilize it. And believe me, after running over 100 feet of new electricity in the hot sun, my knees and back were ready for a little relief.
Of course, Eva helped too.


Anonymous said...

.......WOW........it looks very very nice...now you both will use it to stay CALM AND COOL.........................diego wants to know if its 'THE HOT-TUB-TIMEMACHINE'...i got to start screening these movies...haha


wow..how cool is that?..
i ran thru the sprinkleer last night

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