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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Night Update: Birds, Fish, Peaches, Tubs...

And when I say "tubs", I'm not necessarily pointing out my huge belly, but I can understand if you took it that way.

I know, it feels like I have not provided any information in at least a week. You may be thinking that now that we have the little jacuzzi action going, we can't be bothered with anything else. Oh sure, the timing - what with the end of the season for most of the TV shows we watch, there doesn't seem to be anything pressing keeping us from taking a dip to relax the muscles before bed. I highly recommend it - if the hot tub is working.

For those of you not paying attention, we purchased a spa/jacuzzi/hot tub whatever - over the Memorial Day weekend. Well, the following Saturday, we went back to - Watson's Family Leisure over on San Pedro to attend "Spa School". They offer this seminar to pool owners (Pool School) and spa owners as a free service to help you better understand how all the chemicals work. Even if you bought your spa or pool somewhere else, they are happy to have you join the class and believe me, it was well worth it. I seriously was lost and Brandon, our instructor cleared a lot of things up.

Oh, if you get queasy really easily, you may want to skip this picture.
Too late, I guess. Sorry. Anyway, this poor bird for some reason flew into the truck parked next to me. I honestly thought it was a prop at first - you know how you see guys hang big brass sacks from the trailer hitch of their trucks. But upon closer inspection, it was a real bird. Makes good eatin' in lean times.

So back to the hot tub. We had this routine down of going out at about 9PM each night, sitting in the tub for half an hour and then coming inside, getting ready for bed and seriously sleeping much better. Hell, a doctor should have written me a prescription for this years ago and perhaps I wouldn't have such crappy sleeping habits.

So there was a huge rain storm sometime during the week and the next thing you know, the tub has gone all haywire on us. Of course, we did all the standard troubleshooting - you know, like reading the manual and such - and I even got on the Google and found a web page to ask questions to. (Still no answer on that one, though I may go back and answer it myself). I disconnected the power and restarted it multiple times, but the thing was just going crazy.

I called Family Leisure just before their closing time and talked to a few folks there, but their spa technician was out and they took my info. The next morning, I went out and just cut the power from the breaker figuring there was no sense in blowing the spa up, and I went to work. (Is this too much information? I haven't even gotten to the fish story yet.)

I get ahold of Austin, the Spa Tech, and he takes all the information and advises me to cut the power for at least 24 hours, pointing out that there is some memory in the system that should clear after 24 hours. I was startled at first because when he mentioned the spa having memory, I started feeling a little nervous about a minor situation with one of the jets. Oh, I'm just kidding Mr. Naughty-Thoughts...

Anyway, long story short, we waited 24 hours, cranked on the power and we are as good as gold. Everything reset as expected and I'm happy to report that we just got out of the tub not long ago.

I got an interesting e-mail the other night from a reader and person involved with the Mr. Cod company. The gist of the e-mail was that he had read about our rough experience with the Mr. Cod on Grissom and Timber Path and was hoping we might come back for another try. He very graciously offered a free meal but of course, I declined the freebie. But I did say we would be happy to visit again, and we did just that, this evening.
We always seem to find excitement. When we walked in, there were no customers at all. The place was empty with the exception of a single cook and the lady at the counter. We placed our order and then began to look for a place to sit. I'm guessing in an effort to save money, the air conditioner was set to a brisk 85 or 90 degrees, because I began to sweat. This is no joke; I walked from table to table, booth to booth until we found the coolest place to sit in the restaurant then took a seat.

As we were waiting, an older gentleman and his son walked in. If you follow on Facebook, you already know what happened next. I was in the middle of uploading a picture of my Mr. Cod receipt to FB when my wife yells at me to go help the man. I was oblivious to the fact (and this is why people should not text and drive) that the older guy was having a medical situation. I ran over to see if they needed help, but my wife immediately jumped into action, directing the lady behind the counter to call 9-1-1 NOW! The younger man got his father seated and Eva began to ask him how he was etc. The lady on the phone suddenly had an issue with speaking English and promptly handed off the phone to my wife. It wasn't that the dispatchers don't speak both Spanish and English, but you have got to pick one language and stick with it as you try to describe the situation in an emergency.
Bottom line: The man was okay and everyone lived happily ever after. The paramedics arrived and commented about the extreme heat, just as the A/C kicked in and my platter of fish arrived. Deciding not to haul the guy away in the ambulance, they ordered dinner. That's one way to generate business. (I kid, of course).
So, my wife ordered up the fish sandwich. We had good luck with this on our last visit and once again, she was very pleased with the the taste and the way it is served. The fries were fine and plenty. We realized that we could have easily ordered the fish sandwich with fries and a single plank of fish for me and been full.
I saw that they offer catfish now and so I had a fish platter that came with a piece of catfish and 3 fried shrimp. They have figured out the cooking time for the shrimp. These were meaty and not under or overcooked. I was not expecting the catfish to be fried in the same batter as the normal fish they offer. I guess I didn't know what to expect, but it was just fine. I did enjoy it and have no complaints at all in the quality, or the presentation.
They have napkin dispensers now!
We did order some pies (I had lemon and it was just as good as the one next door at What-a-Burger) and I'm not sure if the meals came with drinks or not. The ticket came out to over $18.00 and for what seems like a fast food atmosphere, that still seems a tad bit steep to me. But I won't quibble over a few dollars as long as the food is good.

I am told that they have a new Mr. Cod over on DeZavala, and I'm sure we will give it a spin, if only to follow-up on all this. If other readers have tried them out recently, (It has been over a year since the Mr. Cod on Grissom opened), I'd love to read your comments.
I think we planted our peach tree about two years ago. Seriously, how awesome is this? I just wish the skin wasn't so fury. I prefer the ones in a can with light syrup.

And there you have it. I've been informed that I'm slackin' on the bloggin'; hope to write more sooner rather than later, but it isn't looking good for this weekend. Lots to do!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I like it that you get feedback on your reviews. That's awesome! I also love your comments on the Friday Secrets. It always makes me laugh!

Pam said...

Vote Today!

See my blog for details.

I got some fresh peaches from my mother-in-law's tree and made a peach tart and peaches in syrup for ice cream. Yum.

Albatross said...

I love that bird.

M2 said...

Thanks for the update on Señor Cod's, you may have enticed me to give them a second chance but if it's that hot in there when we go we'll probably turn around and leave...

Dave said...

I bet they rethink the air conditioning strategy. I have to admit, they have come a long way. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.


oooh the peaches look great...the bird? not so much

AlanDP said...

I don't own a spa, but I would like to attend one of those Spa Schools. I think it would help me to take care of our church's baptistry better.

On Saturday my son and I attended a Cub Scout bird-watching outing at Mitchell Lake. On the way there, we hit a bird. My son humorously pointed out the irony of the situation, even though he didn't know to use the actual word "irony."

Anonymous said...

how about peach-bird pie

M2 said...

Well, since the wife and kiddies are out of town, I decided to give Señor Cod another chance this evening.

Their service is still too slow, but their food has gotten better. Right now I was say it was on par with your average UK fish & chips. Not great, but not bad either.

However, I did score two free t-shirts from them, one for yours truly (an XL) and one for my new teenager son (a L)!

But it would be better if they had fresher cod and the chips were larger and a bit more undercooked (yeah, you read that right; UK chips are soggy and limp when they're perfect!).

Cheers! M2

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