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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Report:

I normally would apologize for the lack of posts over the past several weeks but I assure you, it hasn't been just pure laziness on my part causing my normally brisk reporting of all items food and odd to be light.

For the local folks, I'm happy to report that this year our HOA was able to obtain a quorum for our annual membership meeting and we had a really successful meeting. In spite of a very competitive campaign by a total of five candidates, the membership re-elected two sitting board members, Myrl Britten and Richard Garcia. This is very good for our community. Additionally, the members saw fit to pass four proposed bylaw amendments. Locals can read about it all when the Monthly Passages arrives at their door or go online and read about. I think we have put together some fine coverage of the events.

We have also been busy dealing with the siding and painting issue on the house. Could not be happier, by the way, and in fact we are considering some more work being done. We are notching back on our drives in the country to look for new homes, because we are considering a plan to add on to this house. One of the things is, you can pick up all your crap and move, but you can't really take your neighbors with you and we consider ourselves pretty lucky to have met and enjoy the friendship of so many people here.

People can't wait to get here! I got an e-mail from a reader who used to live here in Silver Creek and she and her husband are looking to move back in the area but they'd like to rent first. I'll probably get a whole bunch of Spam off this (the reason why I so love my G-Mail account), but if you know of a nice rental in Silver Creek, Ridge Creek or Village Northwest, won't you shoot me an e-mail and I'll forward it to our potential new neighbor. And if you are reading this after June 15th 2010, don't bother.

And another reader named Roy sent us recommendations for two places toward the Hill Country. I have heard of O'Brien's in Bergheim just off Hiway 46 but we have not been there. He also suggested that if we get up toward Comfort and Fredricksburg, we won't be disappointed if we stop into Alamo Springs Cafe. Yum! Roy put the burger at Alamo Springs in the Lord's Kitchen category, and that says a lot in my book. Thanks for the tip.

And yes, for those of you who saw the news Friday evening, there was a huge fire on our street. In spite of the heavy rain and lightning, my wife was out front directing traffic due to the onslaught of looky-lou's.

According to Eva, there were five fire trucks, hoses stretched from the fire hydrant in front of our house all the way down the street and loads of people wanting to see. Of course, when she got a hold of me at work, I asked if she was taking pictures and she scolded me for my tackiness in such a situation.
But now that the fire is out and nobody was injured, perhaps a few pictures will slow down the traffic on our street. By the way, the house was struck by lightning on the chimney and that led to some pretty serious damage. We've had our own experience with fire, though nothing nearly as catastrophic. If you don't own a fire extinguisher, go today and buy one.

We had some old friends (not that they are old, per se) over last night to enjoy some potato soup, pie and ice cream and while we were out and about yesterday, my wife thought it would be a good idea to go to Sam's to get a pie for their visit. I had a membership to Sam's Club years ago and just never renewed it. So I said, what the heck, let's go in, pay the $40 and shop.

We got about half way through the place and both of us agreed that it was a waste of $40. On the other hand, it was a Saturday and apparently everybody had the same idea. I just don't know. I think for $40, I shouldn't have to stand in line for 15 to 20 minutes. And, the pie, while delicious, was smaller than what I recall them selling years ago. Apparently, my $40 membership includes weight counseling in the form of smaller portions.
As we were leaving Sam's and heading home, we saw this odd sight in the parking lot. No, not the hip young man and his midget girlfriend. Look at the older lady in the fetching yellowish outfit. Is it just me or do her pants and blouse match the exact color scheme of the meat market behind her? I've heard of coordinating your clothing, but what are the chances of that? Strange.


Anonymous said...

Your wife was right about the burned down house photos, and it still was tacky to share them on your blog. I doubt your neighbor thinks that was a neighborly gesture.

Dave said...

I guess the fact that the residents agreed to be interviewed by three different TV stations broadcast all over the place was okay, but delivering hard hitting news from my own block is tacky. I can appreciate that.

Honestly, I expected a call of tackiness on the picture of the hip young lovers and their fashionably dressed Gramma.

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