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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Strange on Culebra: Don't Forget the Sunscreen...

I routinely find at least one thing to generate a smile (or at least a hearty "WTF?") as I drive up Culebra each day on my way home from work. Today found me giggling at a stop light at the intersection of Culebra and Loop 410.
Injured? the sign reads. No, but I could use some extra sunglasses to shield my eyes from that blinding white belly. At least the guy is doing something useful while he is on the clock. Today was a perfect day to kick back and enjoy the sun and listen to some tunes. Is that a small cooler there? He is set!
Kickin' back, sunning himself, doing a little advertising for a retired lawyer. Strange? I say it's good work if you can get it.



arghghggh my eyes my eyes

Albatross said...

If, by "retired" he means not practicing anymore, then how can he help you as a lawyer? Wouldn't that be practicing?

I truly doubt he works for free.

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