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Friday, May 28, 2010

Please Consider the Guy Behind You...

I know, it is entirely too easy to yammer on and on about the driving habits of people in our fair city, but may I take just a brief moment to indulge you in something that simply drives me bonkers?

You know how at most major intersections, they have that Yield Lane on the right that allows people making a right turn to continue on their way while those of you who are going straight through the intersection have to wait? Well, that little right hand turn lane is of no use if those of you going straight won't have the courtesy to allow us people turning right to get into the lane.

Like today, I was at the intersection of Culebra/Grissom/Tezel/FM471. I know, that reads like two intersections, but actually, because of the naming conventions in San Antonio, it is actually a single intersection. Please, don't even get me started on that.

Anyway, I pull up behind a Lincoln Town Car that happens to be the second vehicle in line at the stop light. Now let me be clear: I have seen 20/20, Nightline, Dateline NBC and COPS. I know all about the need to keep a safe distance behind people at a stoplight or stop sign so that you have some room to escape in the event of a carjacking. But, when it means that you are blocking the line of traffic behind you so you can be safe, isn't there a cost benefit analysis that takes place in your mind? Like, could I be pissing off ten cars who don't want to carjack me to the point that they might want to shoot me just to make themselves feel better?
So I am behind the Town Car and I pull my truck up as close to the curb as I can hoping to squeeze by. No luck. I need another foot. If only the lady driving the Town Car would inch up and decrease the gap from the truck in front of her from a full car-length to say 7/8's of a car length. I flash my lights a few times to try to get her attention. I suspect she thinks I might be attempting to car jack her, so she maintains her position. I know this is a long light so I consider for a brief moment putting my truck in park and exiting my vehicle to walk up and discuss the matter with her, but of course, I can also see myself getting shot for cause at an intersection less than a mile from my own house, and I wouldn't have blamed her. So I flash my lights again.

Can one not make the connection between the vehicle just inches from one's bumper trying to get into the right hand turn lane and the fact that scooting up just a matter of a few inches would resolve the situation? The reality is, I suspect the woman was deep in conversation with the lady riding with her, and my flashing lights did nothing to cause any sort of speculation as to my desire for her to move forward.

So then I honked my horn very slightly. I hate when people honk, so I reserve my honking for only the most urgent of situations: Near misses, a shout out to talented sign holders advertising new subdivisions or wireless cell phone companies, and when of course some Lincoln Town Car is blocking my way.

I know, you think I might have garnered a dirty look or something, but the lady driving did not even blink. So I honked again, and this time with the authority of a Ford F-150 owner on his way to have his truck inspected. Technically, this was official state business if you want to get right down to it.

Again, she maintained her full car length and now, the people behind me wanting to also make the right hand turn were giving me looks like I was the cause of the back up. Some 96 year-old blue-hair actually gave me the bird through my rear view mirror like it was my fault that I couldn't get the lady in the Town Car to scoot an inch.

You have to learn to pick your battles. If I was going straight through the intersection or if I had been behind the 96 year-old, I would have to wait for the light anyway, so I did the smart thing. I cooled my jets and checked my e-mail on the Blackberry.
Until some cranky lady behind me started honking at me.

Oops. I guess the light had turned green while I was deleting spam.

Patience, lady.


M2 said...

That's a nasty intersection, people going straight through from where you are usually don't realize that the lanes take a slight bend to the left. As such, folks always end up crossing over the line and causing a very unsafe situation!

Michelle said...

I can't stand it when people do that, it's so annoying. Here in Killeen, they don't believe in a right turning lane at all. You always have one dude that has to sit at the light (because he is going straight), while the 70 cars behind him just want to make a right.

Albatross said...

... a shout out to talented sign holders advertising new subdivisions or wireless cell phone companies ...

I like to give a shout out to that Gumby on the corner of Seneca and Bandera.

Dave said...

I like to give a shout out to that Gumby on the corner of Seneca and Bandera.

Duly noted: Salute!

Anonymous said...

I bet that Gumby guy is naked in that suit. Gotta be otherwise he would die in this heat.

Deep Forest said...

Become a member of the "Curb-climbers club" and don't forget to show your appreciation to that old biddy as you go around her.

Anonymous said...

..........what the heck...with that pick-up..you should of done a dukes of hazzzzard....rode over the curb...honking the horn..and giving her a big TEXAS WINK AND GRIN...YEEEEHAW.....thats the mando-approach...his handle is "ole betsy" RIDES the road...and if you've never driven with him..well..

Anonymous said...

First of all you said authority and F-150 in the same sentence...if you want respect. drive a Chevy! Ain't that right Rich?

Dave said...

I'm quite comfortable in my F-150 authority-ness, thanks!

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