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Friday, May 28, 2010

One Thousand Posts... That's a lot....

Yes; 1,000. And some of you have been here from the very beginning. Thanks for continuing to come back from time to time over the last three years. It never has been my intent to sell anything, just maybe turn you on to a good restaurant or two or maybe save you the agony of trying a place that is just bad. We can all use a Tasty Treat, and I hope I have turned you on to a few.

One of my favorite things is to share with you the oddities I find during my daily drive. I like to pay homage to Strange in San Antonio, a blog that is more focused than I am on the happenings around town. So when I have found something "Strange in 78250" I hope you always follow the link to even more good stuff around San Antonio. Cars crashing into houses and fences (and mail boxes) must be chronicled.

My layout is purposely big. A large font that is easy to read and pictures that somehow don't seem to always be centered the way I want them to. I keep threatening myself with changing the format into something a little more contemporary - something more newspaper like, but can you imagine going back and fixing 1,000 posts?

I tried to take a brief hiatus at one point but found that even if I didn't have the time to write, I still had things to tell. So the brief hiatus was really brief. Instead, I have learned that I just don't have to post something everyday, and if I go a full week without posting, life goes on. And yet, that small hand full of you continue to come back.


I hope you might consider checking out some of the blogs I link to; either in the Sites for San Antonio, Check This out, or Blogs I Visit sections. All you need to do is scroll down to the end of the page and click. And if you are a regular here with a blog I haven't linked to, why not shoot me an e-mail so I can add it?

Finally, one of the best things about having a blog is meeting folks. Eva and I have met some folks we consider to be great people and friends simply from the interactions here. Sid & Al, Matt & Leah, Pete & Lydia, Rick, Maureen and several more. Hell,
we didn't even meet Jacque (aka YellowDog Granny) in person, but she hooked us up for dinner during a visit to West, TX. Blogs are great for interacting with folks. If you don't have one, give it a try and send me the link. Oh, and feel free to follow me. If you have a Google account, you know the drill.

And that's it. 1,000.


Albatross said...

Keep 'em coming! I enjoy your restaurant reviews a lot, but it has been nice to get another perspective on the strange things going on around town.

I look forward to 1,000 more.

brenty said...

I enjoy visiting your blog daily and you have led me to many new places to eat. And to see, through your eyes, the things that go on around us...sometimes strange, sometimes amusing, but always entertaining. DO NOT STOP. We love you and Eva!

Sabra said...

Installing a new template would automatically reformat your old posts, but I really like the way it is now--very easy on the eyes.

I do love the restaurant posts, even if I'm not going to bestir myself to head out to the northwest side of town. I've dug through the Tasty Treats looking for a dinner destination once or twice.

I look forward to the next few thousand.

Maureen said...

Congratulations! I think I may have even read your blog before I moved to Silver Creek.....seems like I did anyway. Glad we're neighbors and Facebook friends, well, at least Eva plays on there! Hope you have thousands more......

Keith Alan K said...

Congrats on the Kilo.
About damn time you discovered Jacala's--it's our place for special occasions that deserve the best.
Don't change templates or anything else--we like the creek just the way it is.


I wanted to meet up with you guys, but was afraid you'd think I was a stalker.hahah..next time..call me..I'll be there with bells on.
oh..and congratulations..

Brad said...

Not many zip codes have their own restaurant critic/community reporter/humor columnist. Keep up the good work, looking forward to 1,000 more.

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