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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Missing Chicken Head in Bandera...

We took an impromptu drive up to Bandera Sunday just to get out of the house for a few hours and because my wife so enjoys being with two dogs in a confined space for two hours. The dogs enjoyed the trip because, as Eva and I ate a chocolate dipped cone from DQ, the dogs shared a plain Junior Brazier Burger.
Anyway, while there, we spied this special chicken vehicle parked in front of the Church's Fried Chicken. My wife happened to recall that some vandals had stolen the head some time ago. Obviously, they got the chicken head (or a reasonable facsimile) back.



we used to have a dairy queen in West..(where the Sonic is now) and when they closed down I freaked out..where was my great dane Baby and I going to go for ice cream. I got the cone he got the bowl..Sonic has ice cream cone, but not the big one like DQ had..I still miss it.

~Kim said...

The chicken head was found by a dumpster in Kerrville. The other day the Church's in Bandera had potato spelled wrong. LOL~ Only in Bandera.

Dave said...

The other day the Church's in Bandera had potato spelled wrong.

And where was your camera when all this misspelling happened?

~Kim said...

Actually, it was a picture that I saw. It was a friend of mine on facebook who took the pic.

I have learned from your blog to ALWAYS have my camera ready!

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