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Friday, May 28, 2010

Lunch Report: Jacala on West Ave.

Eva's sister Madelene retired from work this week and to celebrate, we enjoyed a family get together for lunch at a place I had never been to before over on West Avenue called Jacala.

Seated with husband Armando, Nena is ready for some relaxing time with her youngest son and her grandchild. If you look closely into Armando's eyes, he is secretly saying, "Have at it!"
Located in San Antonio's Art Deco District, Jacala has been a fixture since 1949 and has been serving up Puffy Tacos and Jacalitos to the masses since.
Two things stood out (beyond the nice setting) for me: The chips and the salsa. Yum! Seriously, get there and get some. If you don't order another thing, you must experience the freshly made chips and the house salsa. I promise, the salsa is not too hot for you beginners, but the taste is simply wonderful.

We had a table full of folks and I wasn't about to go plate by plate taking pictures, but it is worth showing off a few items of interest.
Uncle Adam ordered up a plate of chicken fajitas on flour. How good does that look? I'm not a fan of Bell peppers, but the chicken looks good.
Most of us had plates that included enchiladas and puffy tacos along with rice and beans. The one on the left has a chicken puffy taco, the one on the right is beef. Who doesn't like a puffy taco? Oh, and the enchiladas? Loads of government cheese and all kinds of yum!

I liked the place. I loved the chips & salsa and my enchiladas were quite enjoyable. Need more? The parking lot had a guard watching the cars. How can you go wrong?
Jacala on West Avenue is a fine place to celebrate a great career, and when it comes to vittles, it is clearly a Tasty Treat.

Nena, Congrats!


Anonymous said...

...tasty vittles..that went along with great family...good time was had by all...glad you liked it stone.......nena


nothing better than good mexican food...

frankvw said...

Mmmmm....government cheese. I'll have to try this place.

Deep Forest said...

Been there several times...it's got it's good days and it's got it's bad days. Trust me...

frankvw said...

I went there today and it must have been one of their good days because it was very good. The chips and queso were excellent, along with the margaritas. The food was very good (I had the #1 meal with enchiladas and puffy taco). I will definitely go back.

Kim said...

I have never been but my brother brags on this place all the time. Just wanted to mention that you can buy their salsa at HEB. I have never been to the restaurant so I can't tell you if it as good, but I like the stuff in the jar.

Dave said...

Thanks for the tip, Kim - I'll check it out next time I run to HEB!

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