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Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: The End...

When you have invested your time in a TV series, it is better I think to have an ending that gives closure. It took me several days to decide that the ending of the Soprano's was okay with me.

Last night we invested 4 1/2 hours on the end of Lost. I thoroughly enjoyed the two-hour interview with the stars sort of recap. Who knew Jin could speak such good English in only 6 years? We even liked the series of Lost focused Target commercials. The smoke-monster and the smoke detector ad was quite humorous.

Then, the actual final episode, more than a two hour finale, it went a full 2 hours 30 minutes. Yes, it was nice to see everyone in the flash-sideways figure it all out two at a time. Yes, there were tear inducing, Hallmark card moments. Just a thought, does Hallmark have a card the reads, "So, looks like I'm dead, and so are you. Wanna see a concert tonight?" I know, I won't quit my day job. But the point is, if this were the final episode of The Walton's or Happy Days, great way to wind things down, let everyone say their goodbyes and move on to the next big TV series. But this was Lost!

I have a question? How did the final episode explain all the crap these people went through for the last several years - pushing buttons, reusing empty Oceanic water bottles and ostensibly, only bathing when they could find a safe capsule or the keys to one of The Others house? Why would we go through all that only to find inner peace at the end?

Instead of a DriveShaft concert, I would have rather had that Dharma Initiative guy, Myle's father, stand-up and give us a solid 2 and half hours of Q&A so we could understand what the hell it is we've been watching for the past 6 seasons.

Don't get me wrong. You can never expect the ending to be as good as the British version of Life on Mars. But shame on the Lost writers and producers for not giving it a shot. I read a comment from someone (I'm sorry, I can't recall where it was this morning) who said basically, "After watching the best thing on TV for the last 6 years, I forgive you for this lame ending".

I agree. But don't let it happen again. I've got enough closure, I need answers.


frankvw said...

(SPOILERS Follow) I had pretty much the same reaction as you did. Although it wasn't a bad ending (I told my wife at the beginning of this season I thought the island represented Purgatory) I do believe the writers/producers owed us more answers instead of the "guess what, you're dead" angle. I know if I were trapped between heaven and hell I wouldn't come up with such an elaborate story to save my soul.


i knew the minute he opened the coffin and his daddy wasn't there they were all dead..but i still didn't know any thing...sigh*
weepy all the way thru it..but damn..left me with more questions than answers.

Dave said...

i knew the minute he opened the coffin and his daddy wasn't there they were all dead..

When he touched the coffin, I expected him to open it and it would be him in it. Then we would know that it was Jack's funeral and everyone else was there to mourn him. When it was empty, it was clear they were all dead.

Were all the people at the concert (the rest of the members of Drive Shaft, Jack's son (did he really have a son) dead too, but just not invited inside the church?

brenty said...

I agree with everyone here. Very predictable they were all dead. A lot of shows seem to make their final show abbreviated...cut it short.. unfulfilled...

Bring back 'Life on Mars'!!!

Dave said...

Bring back 'Life on Mars'!!!

By the way, I loved the US version of Life on Mars with the exception of the ending.

The UK version was better overall, but in terms of production value, UK shows simply can't compete with the money Hollywood spends on TV shows.

Anyone who has not seen both the US and UK versions of LOM is missing out.

frankvw said...

I agree with you that the UK ending to LOM was very good. I think you can view it on YouTube. Gotta get a plug in for the new (2004) version of Battlestar Galactica. If you like shows with great writing this one's for you. Get's a little dark sometimes so not one I'd recommend for kids but it had a good/appropriate ending also.

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