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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Great Northwest Annual Meeting is Upon Us...

For folks living in any of the seven sub-divisions that make up The Great Northwest here in San Antonio, I urge you to look around your house and find that ballot that was sent out to you and hand carry it to the Lodge, today, Wednesday the 5th of May (Cinco de Mayo for those of you in the party spirit).

If you are like many people who "inadvertently" tossed your envelope in the trash, it isn't too late for you to walk down to the Lodge and request a replacement ballot.

I'm not asking you to vote for or against anyone or any of the proposed by law changes; I just want to make sure we meet the minimum number of voters to get a quorum this year. If you are confused by the ballot, the folks at the Lodge can help you understand it.

If all else fails, why not show up at the annual meeting of the membership, Thursday at 7:30PM at the Lodge?


Maureen said...

Is it due today or tomorrow? I have it.....here somewhere. I didn't throw it away because I knew you would remind us to vote. Can we drop it in the box outside the office? And, will you be needing the yard sign back? thanks.....

Dave said...

How thoughtful of you to ask...

Please, find it and turn it in today - they actually start counting the votes today.

You can take it inside the office or drop it in the box out front.

You can keep the sign as a souvenir (I can even get people to autograph it if you have a Sharpie handy) or I'll be glad to pick it up from you.

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