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Friday, May 14, 2010

Breakfast Report: Tink-a-Tako on Potranco...

I think we actually took these pictures about two weekends ago, but I have been so busy that I'm just now getting around to writing about it - better late than never.

I consider Tink-a-Tako to be one of my favorite places for breakfast tacos. We were delighted when they opened one up the street from us on Tezel Road and as if my enormous panson was not enough to give it away, we eat there often. When they opened up a fancy new restaurant on Potranco at Culebra, we had to give it a shot.
First of all, the building ought to tell you that they are going for much more of a dine-in restaurant instead of just a place to get tacos in the morning. I almost felt a little under dressed.
Inside, it is very nice and open. Beautiful tile and the columns, wow! In spite of the fact that I had to drive around the parking lot twice to find an empty parking spot, we were seated immediately by a very friendly hostess.
My son was in town and as we didn't make it to breakfast until closer to lunch, he had the Mexican Plate. Just look at those enchiladas. I love how the government cheese melts.
I of course had to go with my trio of tacos that I get at every new Mexican place I try. The most important is always the Carne Guisada with Cheese. Interestingly enough, this carne guisada had a different taste than the Tink-a-Tako up the street on Tezel, but it was good. A tad bit more cumin than I have had before, but still, excellent.
I also had the Country & Egg and the Chorizo & Egg. Both were average but not bad by any stretch. They had both the verde and red salsa for heating things up, and I was pleased.
Service was great but our only complaint was the lack of napkins on the table. We had the standard single napkin wrapped around a fork and that was it,. When my wife requested some from our waitress, she gave us a stack of those really cheap bathroom napkins. For such a fancy place, I was surprised.

I honestly think this could be a Tink-a-Tako where you might take someone out to dinner for more than nachos and a beer. I mean, really, it was very nice inside. But for breakfast, I think I'll stick closer to home and continue to enjoy the store on Tezel.

Have you been yet? Did you have a good, bad or other kind of experience? Do tell, won't you?


frankvw said...

I took the family there about a month ago. Very nice, especially for a Tink-a-tako, although I kinda missed the rustic atmosphere of our Tink-a-taco on Potranco outside Loop 1604.


i've never had a tink-a-taco..sounds like a kids game..
that's my only complaint about pizza house of west..no mexican food...except for nachos...sigh*

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