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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wooden Nickel Museum Grand Re-Opening: May 15th...

I received an e-mail earlier today from Amanda regarding a post I did back in Nov of 2009 about The Wooden Nickel, the fine folks who make the wooden nickels I leave at restaurants, HEB's and other places we visit in an immature effort to draw readers to the blog. She reports that they will be holding a grand re-opening of the Wooden Nickel Museum on Saturday, the 15th of May 2010.

She writes:
I'm emailing to invite you and your family and readers of your blog to the 7th Annual Wooden Nickel Festival.

It's Saturday, May 15, 2010. This year's festival is going to be bigger and better than previous years. We're holding the grand Re-Opening of the Wooden Nickel Historical Museum and are dedicating the World's Largest Wooden Nickel to the Fisher House. We're going to have food and game booths, a petting zoo, exhibits on Military and Western History and we're holding a raffle to raise money for the Fisher Houses at Ft. Sam and Lackland. We are also donating all proceeds from our "Support Our Troops" merchandise to the local Fisher Houses.

Admission is free. Dedication ceremonies will be held about Noon. It's going to be a lot of fun so we hope you can come out and join us. If you'd like more information, please give us a call.

My wife tells me that we already have an event that we must attend that Saturday, but I am going to try to at least go by early and take some pictures to do a follow-up report. Need more info? Why not call Amanda at the Old Time Wooden Nickel, 210.822.0552 or Toll Free: 800.750.9915.

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