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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vandals, Little Hats, and BBQ...

Just a few quick notes for a Saturday morning before I start a very busy day.
First, this is the sort of thing that really pisses me off when I see it. We were in WalMart a few days ago and I had some reason to go in the section where they have computer stuff. They have all these laptops on display and some little creeps had pulled the keys off the keyboards on the laptops. Okay, I get it that it is a fairly harmless little prank, but would you buy a floor model that looked like it had been trashed? In my next life, I'd like to come back as an undercover WalMart security guard with a tazer. I'd also have one of those little hat mounted video cameras so I could record all the tazing of little vandals and shoplifters and post the videos on YouTube. The police don't have time to screw around with little brats who do things like this, but I think a well executed tazer would help.
Totally unrelated to the vandals above, I was at HEB getting gas when I spotted this fashionable youth. Of course, I was immediately thinking of Ducky from "Pretty in Pink". Is it the '80's all over again? Do you suppose I would look good in a hat like that? Strange.
Last night I spent the better part of the evening observing (and occasionally assisting) the process of cooking a trailer sized grill full of briskets for our Spring Fling which takes place from 10 to 2PM today, Saturday the 24th of April, 2010. You can buy some brisket on a bun for $3.00.
The briskets were seasoned and covered with brown sugar so they could caramelize, then wrapped in lots of foil and slow cooked for hours and hours. We had a few samples just to be sure they were cooking properly, and they were. Yum!

Hope to see you there!

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the hell with being a walmart tazer guard..i'd just like to catch one of them little feckers and bip him into a coma..and the kid that used to work behind the meat counter at community grocery had a hat just like it and had a little green feather..
did you go to community and get your dublin dr peppers?...they have a great meat market in the back.old timey meat market..
also if you like good sausage the meat market next to pizza house is pretty good.

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