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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Notes: Computer Issues...

I am currently battling a ridiculous computer issue. After a solid year of complete awesomeness, my Dell desktop suddenly slowed down to a crawl. My first reaction was to think that I had some sort of Internet issue. I did one of those ISP Speed Tests and was thrilled to be getting about 56K of download speed. For those readers not familiar with the lingo, that is basically the equivalent of dialing into an old fashioned AOL account and hearing the familiar sound of the modem connecting to the other end of the line, only without the familiar “You’ve got mail”.

I was so ready to call the ISP but thought to go upstairs and do a speed test with the laptop connected to the wireless. Lickity split, I was humming along at 6 or 7 MBPS. Back to the desktop.

I won’t bore you with all the details but over the last two weeks (in between going to Oklahoma and such) I decided to do the whole reinstall of Windows XP on the computer. I have concluded after many frustrating hours that a) I am not a computer technician and b) I think I have a hardware problem, but c) since I’m no computer technician, I could be wrong.

I left a comment on Facebook that I was going to just go purchase a new computer, but my wife was quick to publicly shoot down those thoughts. So this weekend, I’m going to muddle through the painfully slow process of trial and error, downloading drivers, installing programs, troubleshooting the Ethernet card and researching the best Mac for blogging, making movies and looking at the Google. I’ve always been a PC kinda guy (he’s the fat one in the commercials) but you just shouldn’t have to go through this every year.

All my Mac Snob friends simply giggle at my plight.


Maureen said...

My new motto is, "If it's Apple, it's awesome!" I've always been a PC person, but ever since I bought an iTouch I've been hooked, and the SECOND the iPhone becomes available thru Sprint I will own one. I've drooled all over the Mac's at Fry's in Austin....although you can just go to Best Buy and save yourself the road trip, but Fry's ROCKS. Or the Apple store, obviously. I am also holding out for a 2nd gen. iPad......seriously, Apple stuff is amazing. Get ya one.

Albatross said...

Mac Snob friends do giggle a lot at PC users, but they're also good at pretending that Mac problems do not exist, even when there are news and industry reports about them.

In other words, Apple items may be easier to use in many ways, but they aren't without their problems, and you won't find many Mac Snobs willing to warn you about those.

Albatross said...

And let's try to remember to keep Macs and all of Apple products in the right perspective.


Dave said...

The Mac will have to wait... I have made wonderful progress and seem to be back on the air!

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