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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch Report: Pops on Historic Route 66...

I wrote a while back about my fascination with visiting some of the scenic oddities scattered about historic Route 66. During our trip to Oklahoma City, we got the chance to see a few, conveniently located within 5-10 miles of our son’s apartment.
Imagine pulling off the highway to take a gander at a big bottle of milk atop a building.
Or pulling over so you can look at the worlds only round barn. Really? The only one?
But above all, what interests me is food and more importantly, I like burgers. So we decided to stop into Pops, a gas station that, oh by the way, sells lots and lots of pop (or Cokes or sodas or whatever your particular term for soft drinks is). Unfortunately, our visit was in the late afternoon so we did not get pictures of the huge soda bottle all lit up. As landmarks go, you can certainly see it from a distance but I suspect it is much more impressive when the sun goes down and the lights start flashing and such.

The building itself is very interesting. It is an A-Frame structure with glass walls filled from floor to ceiling with shelves of assorted soda bottles perfectly arraigned. How would you like to be the guy who has to dust the place? Every few feet you will see a small sign telling customers that the bottles on the walls are for display. My son told us his first time there he hadn’t seen one of the signs yet and started to randomly pull off bottles. Oops!

If there is a brand of soft drink you are interested in, there is a good chance they sell it. And of course, they have a restaurant so you can eat something while you chug down all those root beers.

On the day of our visit, they were having a special on a Buffalo Cheeseburger. Not a cheeseburger called The Buffalo, but a cheeseburger made of buffalo (just to be clear). Served on a wheat bun that was just slightly toasted and dressed with onions pickles and all the usual things you’d expect, I found the burger to be very good. It was not overcooked and there was generous use of mayo!
We ordered some onion rings just to give them a try. The outer fried crust as opposed to the batter fried style I enjoy was not too crunchy for me at all. And, the rings were seasoned with a really good taste. I’m pretty picky with onion rings and these were fine.
We ordered some fried okra expecting the little cut pieces that you can get at most places that serve kids. These came as full uncut pieces. It is hard to trick a kid into thinking the okra is a tater-tot when they come like this, but my son liked them anyway.
And of course the fries. You gotta order fries when they are crinkle cut. For those of you worried about our expanding waistlines, I will confess that we did not get to join the clean-plate club this time around because there was simply too much food to eat.
Oh and in case you must know, my son and I both had the Dublin Dr. Pepper while my wife had some Frostie Grape.

The place is certainly eye-catching and really clean. I just can’t imagine going in there with a bunch of little kids and the shelves and shelves of soda bottles. Luckily, our son was on his best behavior.



nothing is better than dublin dr pepper..nothing..
that's how i like my okra..not little tiny bits but big ole hunking whole okra..

mick129 said...

Mmm, carbonated beverages.

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