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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch Report: Earl's Rib Palace, Bricktown...

On our first afternoon in OKC and following a solid gut-stuffing at Pops in Arcadia, my son gave us a tour of Bricktown's version of the San Antonio Riverwalk. You can see pictures over on the Flickr Page. One of the places we walked by, Earl's smelled so incredibly wonderful that we knew we would be coming back for a snack.
Following our visit to the Cowboy and Western Museum, we had developed quite an appetite and decided it was time for a little barbecue goodness. And we hit Earl's just after the lunch rush.

Inside the place, it is your typical cover the walls with stuff to look at formula (which I happen to like) with an emphasis on the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team and their star, Kevin Durant, and of course, upside down UT Longhorns reflecting the fact that the OU Sooners are just a mile or two down the road in Norman. They had a bunch of licence plates on the wall and we noticed that all the Texas plates were upside down as well. It's all in good fun, though as a side note, my son did not take too kindly to the Texas Roadhouse nearby flying the Texas Flag upside down, and we made the appropriate calls to management. You can only take a joke so far!
My wife and I decided Pulled Pork Sammies were the order of the day, though there was some minor confusion with my wife's order. She ended up with the plate versus the sandwich served with some green onions and a piece of Texas Toast (not upside down, but cut in half). She also got a side of some potato salad that didn't work for her but I thought was pretty good.
I got the sandwich with some green beans. Good stuff. The pulled pork was very good and they offered both a mild and a slightly spicier sauce at the table. Don't get me wrong, not San Antonio spicy, but a soothing kick nonetheless. The buns were done right; grilled but still soft and fresh on top.
My son got a local favorite, The Smokestack which is chopped brisket and a hot link topped with Cole slaw (though he took his on the side). Yum! And as usual, he went with the fried okra. It's a vegetable, you know. And by the way, the Cole slaw was delicious.
All pokes at Texas aside, Earl's was a good value, the staff was friendly, the place was clean, and we all enjoyed it. Could you find better in Texas? Of course you could! But don't let that stop you if you happen to be in OKC; Earl's in Bricktown is a Tasty Treat.

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oh the food looks wonderful..makes me hungry.think i'll go have a skunk egg.

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